Tips for choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner depending on your home

Next we want to offer you a series of tips to choose the robot vacuum cleaner in your house depending on its own characteristics. We do this taking into account the great importance and benefits of these devices and the good results they can offer in cleaning your home. To know more about the specific models, you can do itconsulting

Consider your floor material

First of all, we must take into account the type of soils that exist in our home. Thus, it can be wooden floors, stone floors, carpets, ceramics, etc. This is one of the essential points to take into account the type of cleaning robbery that is best for us depending on the type of home we have.

Keep in mind lpossible inconveniences that could occur on the floorof your home caused, for example with scratches that may occur in the displacement of the theft due to some adhered residue or simply the operation that it may have depending on the type of soil. Also think about the type of cleaning you will have to do.


When choosing your cleaning robot, exactly as it happens with any appliance or device, you must take into account the budget you have. So you must choosea device that is within your means; At the same time, it can offer you enough quality / price ratio to be able to obtain good results at a reasonable price.

Keep in mind that it is not always the most expensive brands and models that necessarily have to provide a better service. In many occasions, it is better to be guided by the opinion of other users or by comparative websites such as the one we offered you previously to know what the indicated model is in this regard.

Size of your house

When you go to choose your cleaning robot, the size of your house is another of the essential factors. This means that the more surface it has, for example, the more autonomous it will need. In the same way, a larger surface normallyit usually includes many more obstacles than a reduced one.

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Thirdly, this is also a factor that is related to the possible types of soil that will be found in our house as well as the type of programs that our cleaning robot has. In any case, it is highly recommended to take this factor into account before making the purchase of your cleaning robot.

Pay attention to the subject of pets

If you have pets in your home, they are also a factor that you must take into account when choosing your cleaning robot. They loose hair andthey are indeed a focus of expensive allergies etc. To a large extent, it is your cleaning robot that is responsible for keeping these residues at bay.

So, in case you have pets, also keep in mind that this will make you have to use your robotmore times and for longer.A crucial aspect to consider, for example, in relation to the issue of autonomy or power.


All the above factors must include, at the same time, an effective provision of accessories inside your cleaning robot.

Central rotary brush

So, for example, an element like the central rotating brushit is essential for houses with hard floors or carpets. This is because it is especially effective in removing dirt from the fibers. Now this accessory is not recommended for houses where pets are found.

In case you have pets at home, it is advisable to have a cleaning robot without a central rotary brush and that has an opening that absorbs them, preventing them from becoming entangled with the brush.

Cleaning mop

There are many cleaning robots that have a mop to implement the quality of cleaning. So this works after you have removed the first layer of dirt,leaving a much better finish. In the case of some robots, they even have a tank that automatically keeps it moistened to better remove dirt.

HEPA filters

Another accessory that you should consider for your homein the case that there are allergic peopleis the HEPA filter. This removes all the dust and hair, since it has fiberglass meshes that prevent the proliferation of expensive and bacteria.

We hope that all these tips will help you choose your cleaning robot according to theown characteristics of your home. Before, always count on the opinion of professionals and other clients to choose yours.


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