Tom Hanks leaves harsh criticism of Apple during interview with the company itself

The famous actor Tom Hanks is about to debut his new film “Greyhound”, which will be part of the original catalog of Apple TV + streaming service.

However, the actor has now left harsh criticism of Cupertino’s company during an interview related to the film. Tom Hanks even dubbed “cruel whips” to those who define and apply Apple rules.

Actor Tom Hanks is in the promotion phase of his new film “Greyhound”, by Aaron Schneider. The film tells the story of an inexperienced US Navy captain who, at the beginning of World War II, must lead an escort of allies that is pursued by a group of Nazi submarines.

This title will be part of the original set of the streaming platform Apple TV +, and is scheduled to debut this Friday, July 10th.

However, Tom Hanks gave an interview to Apple as part of the promotion of the film, but a small detail made the actor a little irritated.

Tom Hanks calls Apple “cruel whips”

At the time of giving the interview, Cupertino’s company made a peculiar request to Tom Hanks. Apple asked the actor to use a completely white wall to serve as a backdrop for the interview. It is assumed that the objective was that viewers could not access or see any aspect of the actor’s private life.

But according to Tom Hanks, the scenario made him feel like he was in a “witness protection program. But here I am submitting to the needs of Apple TV ”. This situation led the actor to call “cruel whips” who define and apply the rules at Apple.

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In addition, Tom Hanks also stated that the fact that his new film premieres on a streaming platform, instead of in theaters, is a “great heartbreak”. The actor also criticizes the quality of transmission of the titles, saying:

I don’t want to annoy Apple gentlemen, but there is a difference in sound and image quality.

Apple paid $ 70 million for the film

To secure the rights to the Greyhound film, Apple paid 70 million dollars, about 62 million euros.

The film was originally designed to be shown in theaters, but due to the pandemic, alternatives had to be found, such as streaming platforms.


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