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Knowing the weather is essential during this vacation. Preparing a weekend in the mountains, renting a house with a pool or preparing the week for holidays by the sea, can be spoiled if the weather doesn’t help.

We all have apps on our smartphone that help to understand the weather or, simply, Google, which gives a good perspective. But there are apps that can give more information and still offer widgets with good daily information.

WeatherBug Weather

First, we leave WeatherBug as a suggestion. This app offers all the current weather information and up to 10 days. It also includes a map that you can customize with the information you want to appear.

Air quality is a parameter also disclosed, as well as the risk of fire or wind. Three widgets are available with basic weather information at the moment.

WeatherBug Weather

Home page: WeatherBug
Price: Free
Punctuation: 4.7 Stars

Weather forecast: The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is an app from IBM and assumes me as one of the most complete of this list of suggestions. In addition to the basic information of the weather, with hourly forecast, it also includes the map with radars, where the information to be displayed can be defined.

Then there is additional information, such as the mosquito index, the heat index and even information related to COVID-19, in Portugal and worldwide. It provides, for quick access to information, some widgets for the smartphone screen.

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time – Radar and weather is an excellent option for those who practice sports at sea. In addition to being based on wind conditions, it presents details that none of the other options present, even in widgets.

In addition, it includes access to live cameras, positioned on the beaches and even on some roads. - Radar and weather

Home page: Windyty SE
Price: Free
Punctuation: 4.7 Stars

Today Weather – Forecast, Radar and Severe Alert

Also with very complete information, but not as accurate as the other options, there is Today Weather. It is very minimalist and the widgets it offers reveal good information.

In addition, it includes fast-reading graphics and subtle animations.

Today Weather - Forecast, Radar and Severe Weather


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