Twitter loses control and is at the mercy of users!

As one of the most used social networks today, Twitter has the responsibility to continue the development of tools that allow them to control the content published on its platform. Especially at this time when fake news about COVID-19 are published by the hundreds every day, artificial intelligence algorithms are more important than ever.

Twitter has been trying for some time to implement new tools to stop the spread of fake news about the coronavirus, one of the main actions being to alert users to possible unreliable information. In addition to this alert, they also place a link that gives access to a wide variety of verified information sources.

Twitter COVID-19

Conspiracy over COVID-19 and 5G networks has made Twitter lose control of its platform

Shortly after the pandemic’s “outbreak”, several conspiracy theories began to emerge that related the spread of COVID-19 to 5G network towers. These theories gained such dimension that in the United Kingdom, vandals even ended up destroying 5G towers.

A recent attempt by Twitter to stop the spread of information about this conspiracy ended up having a totally opposite effect. Basically, the social network started to “tag” all publications that contained two specific keywords: Oxygen and Frequency.

Obviously, it didn’t take long for the community to become aware of this new implementation, taking advantage of the situation to “control” Twitter. Less than 24 hours after its implementation, Twitter was forced to deactivate it, as it was not achieving the desired results.

The Twitter support account has already commented on this situation, apologizing for possible confusion created by this tool, recognizing that many of the marked tweets could not contain misleading information about COVID-19.

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