Uber Boats: know the private transport service but on boats!

According to The Guardian, Uber will now offer boat trips within its private transportation system. It’s called Uber Boat and for now, this system will only be available in London, in partnership with the company Thames Clippers, a nautical transport company.

To use the service, the user must simply use the existing Uber application, where a QR code will be generated from there, which must be read during boarding. For payment, the user will have the usual options, as well as payment on board.

Uber Boat Design

It is important to note that this service will not be exactly private transport. In fact, boats will continue to navigate the routes already defined, and it is not possible for the user to control the route.

Therefore, it seems that this will simply be a faster way for users to book boat trips that they would already do anyway, but with some more convenience.

Uber Boats emerged motivated by the pandemic

According to The Guardian, this service was motivated by the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. Uber argues that traveling by boat can be safer and more socially distant than traveling by underground.

In fact, Uber already has alternative methods to automobiles for traveling in some countries. In Croatia, for example, Uber offers a boat travel service between islands, only during the summer months.

Additionally, Uber already offers helicopter trips in the city of Manhattan. Called Uber Copter, the service allows you to travel from the city to the JFK airport.

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