“Unrailed!” is a puzzle game for railroad fans

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – A steam locomotive and train tirelessly drive through the various and increasingly difficult levels of “Unrailed!”. It does not seem to bother the train driver that there are no tracks in front of him.

Why also? Because they move the players – if necessary directly in front of the moving train. And it’s not that easy at all.

Free travel through the world of blocks

Because on the way to the final station, countless dangers lurk for the little train. Water holes, mountains, trees, animals or entire forests either have to be bypassed or removed completely. And then there is another problem: the tracks to be laid have yet to be built!

This is where the teammates come into play. Up to four hobby track builders each control a small pixel worker using a PC keyboard or console controller. The raw materials for making rails can be found everywhere in the colorful landscape, the block graphics of which are strongly reminiscent of “Minecraft”. Practical: the new tracks will be built on the train.

No game for lazy mouths

“Unrailed!” Although it also has a single player mode – it is much more fun with at least two, even better four friends who compete against each other either together or in teams of two.

All of this can also be done online, it works even better together on the sofa – because communication is with “Unrailed!” the key to success: “Hey, I need more tracks, get metal here faster!”. “There is a forest up ahead, you have to flatten it!” The motto of “Unrailed!” reads: talk, talk, talk! Then the train makes it to the destination.

“Unrailed!” by Indoor Entertainment and Daedalic Entertainment is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The colorful track construction chaos costs around 20 euros.

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