“Unto the End” is a challenging fantasy adventure

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Actually, the nameless Viking warrior, who plays the main role in the game “Unto the End”, only wants to go home to his wife and child. But for that he has to fight his way through a winter fantasy world full of dark caves and evil monsters.

So far, so common is the story of “Unto the End”. But the way in which the debut game by the Canadian indie developer 2 Ton Studios tells its story makes the Viking saga something special.

Nice shell, hard core

Because “Unto the End” initially looks like a classic mix of jumping and action game with minimalistic but pretty graphics. But it quickly becomes apparent that there is much more to it. Because just hitting it does not lead to the goal here.

For example, even supposedly weak enemies know very well how to handle their weapons. Without a cool head and quick reflexes, the adventure is over quickly. After all, not every enemy has to be fought; some conflicts can be resolved peacefully. And just running away is sometimes an option too.

Realistic fantasy adventure

In addition, “Unto The End” attaches great importance to a realistic representation of human movements: For example, if you jump from a platform, you cannot get up and start fighting straight away. Rather, the hero must repeatedly recover from physically strenuous actions. That should be planned before you plop down from a hill into a horde of monsters.

And elsewhere, too, the game is more realistic than many comparable titles. For example, weapons and armor that have been painstakingly improved can be broken or lost. Wound healing herbal tinctures also don’t last forever and have to be made over and over again. This resource management is very challenging and sometimes a little frustrating, but still a lot of fun.

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“Unto the End” by 2 Ton Studios and Big Sugar is available for PC, Xbox, Playstation, Switch and Google Stadia. It costs around 20 euros.

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