upgrade from PS4 to PlayStation 5 will be free

Yestery CD Projekt Re surprise us by nnouncing tht Cyberpunk 2077 it hs been elye gin, now to November 9 of this yer. It is not minor issue, becuse together with The Lst of Us II becme the most nticipte of 2020. Despite the b news, toy the Polish stuio trie to lift the spirits of its community with rther importnt nnouncement: Cyberpunk 2077 will be present on the PlySttion 5 n Xbox Series X.

If you buy Cyberpunk 2077 on the consoles of the current genertion —PS4 n Xbox One—, upting it to its versions of PlySttion 5 n Xbox Series X will be totlly free. This ws nnounce by the compny through its Twitter ccount. It is worth mentioning tht this proposl h lrey been nnounce for Microsoft hrwre since lst Februry, ll thnks to the benefits of Smrt Delivery n bckwr comptibility. However, it is the first time tht the compny hs spoken on the Sony pltform.

We re plese to confirm tht Cyberpunk 2077 will be comptible with both next-gen consoles. Your copy of PS4 will run on PS5 on lunch y. Anyone who buys the gme on Xbox One will be ble to ply their copy on Xbox Series X when the console lunches.

A lter upgre to Cyberpunk 2077, tking full vntge of the next-gen hrwre, will be vilble for free.

– Cyberpunk 2077 (@CyberpunkGme) June 9, 2020

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ will lso mke grphic lep

CD Projekt lso stresses tht its upte progrm will be vli in both physicl n igitl copies, so it will be extremely esy to strt enjoying it in the new proucts from Sony n Microsoft. In fct, we o not oubt tht mny plyers will prefer to wit for the version of PS5 n Xbox Series X. An it is tht the pln of the Poles is not only to offer support for the new consoles, lso to tke vntge of their technicl potentil.

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After the rrivl of the PlySttion 5 n Xbox Series X, CD Projekt will lunch free upte tht will enhnce the visul section of Cyberpunk 2077. At the moment they hve not mentione exctly wht kin of improvements we will see, but surely the jump will be similr to tht of high-performnce PCs. Without oubt, this is excellent news for ll those who plnne to buy the title on the new consoles. We remin you tht on June 25 we will know more etils bout Cyberpunk 2077 t your next igitl event.


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