US Space Force will launch four satellites; know how to watch

Without a specific time frame, the launch takes place between the morning and the beginning of Wednesday afternoon (15)

The United States Space Force will launch four highly classified reconnaissance satellites into Earth’s orbit on Wednesday (15). The equipment will be sent into space from the east coast of Virginia, in the United States.

A Northrop Grumman Minotaur IV rocket will be responsible for launching the NROL-129 mission satellites of the United States National Recognition Office (NRO), which designs, builds and operates the US government’s satellite satellites to supply information for various federal agencies in the country.

Preparations for launch are scheduled for 9 am local time (10 am in Brasilia time) at the Wallops Flight Facility, one of the oldest launch bases in the United States, where the Space Force, created in December 2019, starts its first mission in partnership with the NRO.


Minotaur IV rocket. Image: USAF

“This will be our first US Space Force mission and Wallops’ first dedicated NRO mission,” said Lt. Col. Ryan Rose, chief of the Space Force. “We look forward to continuing to launch national priority satellites for our partner NRO,” he added.

How to watch

As it is a mission for confidential purposes, the exact time has not been released, but there is a window from 9:00 am to 1:45 pm (in Virginia time) where the rocket can be launched.

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According to the weather forecast, the launch can be seen by anyone on the outskirts of Wallops Island. The forecast is a 90% chance of good weather, with clear skies and no clouds. But, as usual, a bad day can cancel the launch.

For those who cannot see it up close, the launch of the Minotaur IV rocket will be broadcast through the official Wallops Flight Installation channel on YouTube.


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