Video shows how astronauts on the ISS saw comet Neowise

On July 5, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS, in English), observed the brilliant comet Neowise, which even overshadowed other similar celestial bodies with its tail of intense light.

“Just before dawn, the comet became visible during that short period of time when it was still close to the Sun, but the Sun was still hidden from Earth. […] It was an incredible scene to be seen, “Bob Behnken, a NASA astronaut recently sent ISS, told The New York Times” The Daily “podcast.

Neowise seen in California. Image: Wikipedia

The phenomenon was recorded in hundreds of photos taken from the ISS, all made available for download in official NASA files. With this content in hand, graphic artist Sen Doran created a 4K video that shows Neowise appearing on the horizon and being overshadowed by sunlight.

For the video, 550 long exposure photos were used, which, in general, would result in a content of just 18 seconds. However, Doran merged the images and smoothed the transitions to create a continuous seven-minute reproduction.

Last Thursday (9), the artist published his work on Twitter and gave some suggestions to viewers. “Get a cold drink, turn off the lights, take off your clothes, get comfortable and put it on your big TV. Consume while drinking,” wrote Doran.

The sensation, for those who watch, is to be together with the astronauts on the ISS, witnessing the passage of Comet Neowise at about 402 kilometers above Earth, at a speed of 28 thousand kilometers per hour.

Neowise in Brazil

The comet has already made several appearances in the northern hemisphere, but here we still need to wait a few days. He will begin to be seen in the early evening, in a northwest direction from 20 July. However, initially for the northernmost states of the country, such as Roraima and Amap. After the 20th, it appears higher on the horizon and can be seen in locations further south. From the 24th, for example, it can be seen by residents of the state of So Paulo, and on the 26th, it will be visible to all of Brazil.

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