Videogames: These are the most important releases of the week

This week’s releases far exceed those of the previous week. From multiplayer titles and strategy, through narrative adventures.

Here, the premieres of the week to enjoy the next weekend.

Help Will Come Tomorrow (PS4 / Xbox ONE / PC / Tuesday 21)

A game that proposes a narrative survival experience set in 1917 Russia. After the Russian Revolution, a group of passengers on the Trans-Siberian train survive an accident, but are at the mercy of weather conditions. In this context it will be necessary to manage the resources, make decisions, and deal with the conflicts of survival, which will affect the relationship and morale of the characters.

The Flower Collectors (PC / Tuesday 21)

Barcelona, ​​1977. A former police officer in a wheelchair witnesses a murder through his window, and decides to investigate the case. In history a journalist will join him. An interesting setting in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, and a story that prioritizes mystery and character development.

Cloudpunk (PC / Thursday 23)

A proposal that immerses us in an adventure of exploration. The protagonist is Rania, a working rookie from shipping company Cloudpunk, which operates in the futuristic city of Nivalis. The goal is to get the packages to their intended recipient, but in between we will encounter various characters, and a mystery and conspiracy story involving hackers and runaway artificial intelligence.

Deliver Us The Moon (PS4 / Xbox ONE / Friday 24)

After its successful debut on PC, this science fiction thriller is set in the near future, in which the Earth’s natural resources have been consumed. In this framework, the Space Agency built a series of bases on the Moon to extract energy, but communication with them was lost for years. We will have to travel to the Moon, tour the different abandoned bases, and discover what happened to the past crews and the mystery behind the project.

Trials of Mana (PC / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / Friday the 24th)

A remake of the classic role-playing game released in 1995 as Seiken Densetsu 3. A game that was ahead of its time, as it allowed you to choose your character and two companions from six available, and the story was adapted to the player’s decisions. Now, with fully 3D graphics and modifications to the combat system, it arrives at its best.

XCOM: Chimera Squad (PC / Friday 24)

An independent adventure that introduces several changes to the structure and traditional systems of the saga. Developed five years after the events of XCOM 2, Chimera Squad puts us in control of a team made up of humans and aliens, with the goal of controlling the streets of City 31. Each of the 11 agents have their own abilities and characteristics, reason why it will be necessary to conform the squadron depending on the mission.

Predator: Hunting Grounds (PC / PS4 / Friday 24)

Lovers of the Predator universe are for good. An asymmetric multiplayer game for up to five players. Predator Hunting Grounds will put a squad of four soldiers, who must complete different missions, at the mercy of the alien hunter, although this time the confrontation will not be the main objective of the humans. The game offers various classes of soldiers and different types of Predators, each with its own characteristics, weaponry, and abilities.

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