Virgin Galactic today presents its spaceship cabin to tourists; watch

Virgin Galactic will present at 2pm this Tuesday (28th) the passenger cabin of VSS Unity, a spacecraft that will be used in suborbital tourist flights. THE Digital Look will accompany the live broadcast, with simultaneous translation into Portuguese.

According to the company, the cabin is the “center” of the design of the spacecraft, and offers “security without distraction, periods of sensory intensity and the level of privacy necessary for each astronaut to go through his personal discovery and transformation”. The presentation will have a virtual tour of the booth, curated by a multidisciplinary team that worked to ensure that “every detail of the design offers a safe and unparalleled experience for consumers”.

Flights with VSS Unity will be suborbital. That is, although the spacecraft crosses the space boundary (at 100 km altitude), it will not enter orbit. Passengers, however, will experience a period of microgravity, where they will be able to float around the cabin.

VSS Unity is the second SpaceShipTwo, a vehicle that has been in development since 2010. The first, called VSS Enterprise, was destroyed in an accident during tests in 2014. Unity was introduced in 2016 and already performed two experimental flights into space in December 2018 and February 2019.

Virgin Galactic flights depart from the Mojave spaceport, USA. Each ticket costs US $ 250 thousand (about R $ 1.3 million), and according to the company, 600 people have already reserved seats, and another 8 thousand have shown interest. However, there is still no date set for the start of commercial operations.

The presentation of the VSS Unity booth will be broadcast live over the Internet. You can follow the transmission, with simultaneous translation, starting at 2 pm here at Olhar Digital.

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