‘Watch Dogs Legion’ will have multiple multiplayer modes in December

Ubisoft will release the game ‘Watch Dogs Legion’ for current generation consoles at the end of this month. And, to generate more expectations for fans of the third-person action franchise, the French publisher released a new trailer for its main campaign, in addition to anticipating several new features to be made available for free after the title’s launch.

Revealed during E3 2019, ‘Watch Dogs Legion’ is Ubisoft’s third entry in the franchise that revolves around the hacker collective “DedSec”, which seeks to use high-tech systems to overthrow a multinational that dominated virtually all spheres of public life – from security and policing to the automation of companies, offices and citizens’ houses.

In the third game, a mysterious group called “Zero Day” bombarded the city of London, creating chaos as it fell, with the authorities, the leading hacker collective. The city is now in a state of health and you and your companions are being targeted by the authorities.

Endowed with the ability to recruit literally any character in the game (a concept that Ubisoft calls “Play As Anyone” – “Play as Anyone”) to fight by your side, its function will be to create a resistance against the ‘Zero Day’, clearing its name and freeing the British capital from this threat.

Varied multiplayer

In the same statement, Ubisoft took the opportunity to share some information about the multiplayer aspect of ‘Watch Dogs Legion’. Starting on December 3, a free update will bring you a variety of cooperative and competitive modes for you to play with your friends, including:

  • Free cooperative exploration mode in which players can join friends on teams of up to four users and participate in local activities spread across London’s open world map;
  • New cooperative missions for two to four players with unique mechanics and the opportunity to recruit the perfect team;
  • Cooperative missions called “Tactical Operations” for up to four players;
  • Spiderbot Arena, the game’s first PvP (Player versus Player) mode, in which four to eight players command armed spiderbots.
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‘Watch Dogs Legion’ update promises several new features. Image: Ubisoft / Divulgao

Other than that, the single player mode also gains extra features after the launch, such as the New Game Plus, which allows you to end your adventure and restart it with all the items and progress from the previous game, as well as new characters with unique abilities to be recruited and extra content for missions. However, the latter were promised by Ubisoft “for next year”, so we shouldn’t see any of that before 2021.

In this same tone, those who buy the ‘Watch Dogs Legion’ season pass will gain access to the ‘Watch Dogs Legion – Bloodline’ adventure, which features the characters Aiden Pierce (protagonist of the first game) and Wrench (one of the secondary and most charismatic characters) the second game). They can also be recruited on the main adventure.


Watch Dogs Legion will be released on the current generation of consoles, and updates will be made available for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X at a later date. Image: Ubisoft / Divulgao

The same pass also features Darcy, a character from the Order of the Assassins who symbolizes a relationship with another Ubisoft franchise: ‘Assassin’s Creed’; and ‘Mina’, a victim of transhuman experiments that can control people’s minds. Finally, extra missions for the DedSec group will also be part of the season pass.

‘Watch Dogs Legio’n will be released on October 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PCs (Epic Games Store and uPlay). On November 10, it will also arrive for the Xbox Series S / X and, on November 12, it will be launched in digital version for the PlayStation 5, with the physical version for the new Sony console arriving on the shelves on 24 November.

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