What do you know about the online casino industry?

Practicality, speed and access from anywhere, so we could define the online casino industry. This platform has grown and expanded rapidly to adapt to the new digital age in which we live, and boy, has it worked! Anyone with an internet connection can enter a variety of online gambling, which was previously only available in traditional casinos.

At the beginning of the transition from the traditional casino industry to the online casino, (between the end of the 90’s and the mid 2000’s), there were not as many users, since technology barely appeared in our lives. Today there are millions of players around the world and in 2019 alone the numbers increased by more than 20%. In traditional casinos, the average player referred to a middle-aged man with a “comfortable” financial situation, but this is not the main audience for the online casino industry. In this new era of gambling there is room for everyone; women, for example, represent about half of the players, and on the other hand, young people almost 30%.

Continuous growth

Why is the online casino industry continuing to grow rapidly? The answer is not so difficult to find, and is that the comfort of being able to play from anywhere, at any time and in a fast way, makes it almost irresistible for any player. In addition, every day the platforms are updated with new graphics, sounds and security, which makes the experience more interactive and real for the player.

Another reason that explains the growth of this industry is the variety of games available. By simply moving your fingers, and without waiting for a place at the table, you can start betting. There is no opening or closing time and you do not have to think about the expense of visiting a physical one, which translates into more money to play!

Online casino VS traditional casino

While it is true that the online casino industry is better positioned every day, we should not worry about the disappearance of the traditional casino. This, in addition to being a gambling site, in certain parts of the world are tourist insignia, as in the city of Las Vegas in United States.

There are a significant number of players who still enjoy the classic of physical casinos, however, the exclusivity of some of these places may be restrictive for certain players.

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On the other hand, the online casino industry in Spain produced in 2019 around 20,000 million Euros, which places it well above other industries that are also growing. In fact, its popularity has been so great that even large physical casinos have decided to diversify their reach and create their web portal or mobile application. The reality is that a significant majority continue to opt for the comfort and speed that technology offers us, but without a doubt, both allow us a pleasant experience.

Online security

When hearing about an online casino, one of the first questions we ask ourselves is whether it is really safe, as it can raise questions about money management or the possibility of scams. But there’s no reason to worry, because just as the functionality and look of the game is constantly being improved, so is the security. Every day the betting and payment systems are more advanced and exact, making them an almost impenetrable fortress.

In each country the gambling regulations are different, but it is also the responsibility of the casino owners to make their platform safe and, thus, limit the scenarios of fraud or failure when betting or collecting a bet. In addition, at the bottom of the portals and in the description of the applications you can see the logos of gaming regulatory bodies, which guarantee the security and legality of the place.

The future of the online casino industry

We could say that the future of the industry will be much more successful than expected, its evolution has been constant and on a par with technology. Online casinos are becoming more accessible to anyone regardless of location or hours, new games are added regularly, and the experience becomes more real over time.

But if we thought it could not be better, we were wrong, and that is that several virtual casino companies have announced the incorporation of virtual reality into this niche. According to their expectations, they hope that the players will not only be able to interact with each other, but they will also be able to walk through the “virtual classic casino”, meet each person who is participating in the game and even communicate with the staff in case of doubts or complaints .


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