What does an SEO manager actually do?

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In this series of articles, we regularly introduce you to exciting digital professions. Today’s topic: What do you do as an SEO manager? Here you can find all the information about tasks, salary and the skills you need!

If you are interested in the digital world, the question should be old hat: What does SEO actually mean? The abbreviation stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. So, by and large, this is about optimizing web content so that it can be found particularly easily with the relevant search engines. Google in particular is constantly confronting SEO managers with new challenges with its core updates and various adjustments.

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What are the duties of an SEO manager?

The main focus of an SEO manager is to ensure that the website he oversees ranks particularly well and is quickly found in search engine queries. As a result, optimizing the structure and content of a website is one of the tasks of the SEO manager. The SEO has to keep an eye on both offpage and onpage optimization. Google doesn’t just rate a website based on the texts it contains.

The website speed (site speed) and the user friendliness (usability) play an immensely important role in on-page optimization. Internal links and meaningful URL structures are also among the most important tasks. Offpage optimization is primarily about valuable backlinks, i.e. links that refer to your own content from external websites.

Another main task of the SEO manager: keyword analysis. At the core is always the question, which search query should my page be found for? In order to always have suitable texts for these inquiries, the continuous adaptation and optimization of the texts is also one of the classic tasks. In order to improve the result, cooperation is also promoted in search engine optimization.

The success of the work can ultimately be assessed by the number of users – these increase with the awareness of the website. Basically, all SEO activities can be found in the area of ​​online marketing. Above all, the close cooperation with the SEM managers is part of everyday life here.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for many SEO managers. (Screenshot: t3n)

Which requirements must be met for the job description of SEO manager?

An SEO manager should have the following requirements:

  • Technology and internet affinity
  • Knowledge of HTML and XML
  • Analytical thinking and a playful use of numbers
  • Independent and customer-oriented work
  • Sociability for the acquisition of new cooperation partners
  • Good knowledge of English and a commercial understanding
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There is currently no corresponding training or even a course with a focus on SEO. However, there are more and more suitable seminars that offer initial contact on the subject of search engine optimization. Study courses such as online marketing or computer science also create a good basis. Some companies now advertise special SEO trainee programs – applicants can immerse themselves directly in this professional field.

Anyone who is particularly interested in this topic can already do an internship in an online marketing agency during their studies. In addition to these hard factors, however, soft skills and an eloquent demeanor also help in establishing yourself as an SEO manager.

Salary: what does an SEO manager earn?

The salary of an SEO manager depends primarily on the scope of his tasks and the size of his company and the associated turnover of the web offering. The salary experts at Salary.de have an average salary between 2.733 and 4,760 euros per month calculated for a 40-hour week. This range already shows that SEOs differ from each other and that tasks, responsibilities and remuneration vary significantly between different employers.

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SEO Manager: What Are Similar Professions?

An SEO manager should be a team player. Because his activity only develops its full effectiveness in cooperation with other departments. In many companies SEOs first have to do educational work: what is search engine optimization, how does it work and how can all employees contribute to the best possible content and a user-friendly website? There are many digital professions that overlap with the activities of an SEO manager or for which at least basic knowledge in the SEO area is advantageous:

A job title that can also be found frequently is SEA Manager. SEA stands for “Search Engine Advertising”. Marketing and targeting are therefore even more of a focus here. Nevertheless, the jobs are very similar, which is why they are often combined in a single position.

The requirements for an SEO manager are constantly changing

Google is constantly adapting its search algorithm and SEOs around the world have to react to it. New technological developments are also influencing the way websites are optimized. Mere keyword stuffing – i.e. the particularly frequent use of relevant keywords for the Google bot – has long ceased to be the issue. The so-called W questions, however, are playing an increasingly important role. As an SEO manager, it is always important to question what search intent a user might have and what questions he or she would like to have answered.

Do you remember when you started this article? There the question of what the abbreviation SEO stands for was answered. Also, the whole article tries to provide an answer to the question of what an SEO manager actually does – and that is exactly part of the job. However, it should also have become clear that this is only a small aspect of the diverse field of activity.

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