What operating system do you currently have on your smartphone?

Our weekly question aims to find out the opinions, choices, interests and preferences of our readers. In this sense, we always try to bring up issues of pertinent and current themes, or simply do a recycling of subjects to determine and compare past and current results.

In this way, we would like to know which operating system you currently have on your smartphone.

What operating system do you currently have on your smartphone?

With regard to the smartphone segment, the market is increasingly full of choices for all tastes and portfolios. And certainly many of you have received and / or offered a copy this past Christmas.

We know that the Android operating system dominates the overwhelming majority of mobile devices available in stores. But we won’t know what that reality will look like when Huawei finally launches its own Harmony OS operating system for everyone.

OPPO Reno4 Pro 5G with Android

About two years ago, 70% of our readers indicated that Android was their mobile operating system. In turn, 20% indicated Apple’s iOS and 7% said they had the discontinued Microsoft Windows Phone. Only 1% of voters chose Symbian OS and the rest indicated other mobile operating systems.

Apple iPhone 12 with iOS

But now we want to update this data and find out if there has been any significant change in these same percentages. Especially since, since then, many new models have been launched, from different brands, some of them new, and with several innovative details, such as folding, powerful processors, breathtaking cameras, and much more.

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So tell us what operating system you currently have on your smartphone.

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