Why Apple Asks Users Not to Lock MacBook Camera (As Mark Zuckerberg Did)

Apple Recommended Users of Its Line of Ultrathin Computers MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Do not use protectors to cover the camera, and if they do, avoid closing the equipment with them on, as they could cause Severe damage on the screen.

The company made this warning on its Support page, as the separation between the screen and the keyboard it is not enough to add an accessory, such as a camera protector.

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Likewise, Apple indicated that by covering the camera they could also damage ambient light sensors, which would affect functions such as automatic brightness or True Tone technology, which makes the images on the screen appear more natural.

As an alternative to protectors to cover the camera, the Manzanita company recommends users to use camera indicator light that includes the device to warn if it is actually active.

MacBook Pro 16 inch.

MacBook Pro 16 inch.

The webcam of the latest MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro models, which Apple calls “FaceTime HD camera,” is designed so that a green LED indicator appears whenever the camera is active, which should serve as an alert when there is a application making use of the images.

The company also recommends users to decide which apps can use the camera in the configuration settings. To do this, users must select the Apple menu and click “System Preferences”.

Then they must enter “Security and privacy”, click on “Privacy” and select “Camera”.

The MacBook

The MacBook “FaceTime HD Camera” is designed so that a green LED indicator is always on.

Once inside this section, users can check the box next to the applications to allow access to the camera.

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Also, for those who have to cover the camera at all times for work, Apple recommends that the protector not have a thickness greater than 0.1 millimeters and in case it is older, remove it before closing the computer.

He also recommends using a protector that does not leave adhesive residue.

Fear of a hacker attack on MacBooks

When Instagram reached half a million users, in 2016, its owner Mark Zuckerberg (the same from Facebook) published on his profile on the social network an image that revealed his paranoia: the fear of a probable hacker attack through the camera on your MacBook.

The photo of Zuckerberg that revealed one of his fears.

The photo of Zuckerberg that revealed one of his fears.

With duct tape, the cautious Zuckerberg had the iSight camera on his webcam covered. But it was not the only element that blocked his laptop: if we look closely, the input from your microphone she was also protected.

Both FaceTime HD cameras and their predecessors, iSight cameras, are hardware connected to a green LED so they cannot be activated without the indicator light also turning on.

Zuckerberg's fear of a hacker attack.  (Photo: capture)

Zuckerberg’s fear of a hacker attack. (Photo: capture)

In the past, some security researchers managed to disable the green LED by reprogramming the camera’s microcontroller, but it seems unlikely that this will happen in practice because it is very difficult to achieve.

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It is worth checking the apps that have permission to use the camera, as they could be taking photos, causing the light to blink briefly.



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