Why should the cell phone battery not drop below 20% or rise above 80%?

More and more devices use a battery, and more and more problems are bringing them to the user. During the last time, more and more manufacturers join a council so that the battery has a longer useful life and does not lose its capacity: keep it between 20% and 80% load.

Experts in this implement advise that the load do not pierce the soil of 20% and do not exceed 80%. There are also more rigorous positions than They recommend the range between 40% and 60%. As they say, those load levels They help extend the life of the battery and take care of its capacity.

Following a review of the Xataka site, there are some options to automate those limits (They are apps specially designed for this) although it is necessary to have a rooted device, which refers to privileged access usually made by experts or users with vast knowledge. Also You can configure these margins in the BIOS of some notebook computers.

However, manufacturers begin to take note of the recommended range including functions in their systems that point to that suggestion. An interesting case is that of Apple, which in iOS 13 added a special feature for overnight recharging. What is it about? The load reaches the top of 80%, stops and studying the habits and schedules of the user (s, with artificial intelligence) resume the load to reach 100% just when it is time to wake up.

A few years ago, an expert who worked for Tesla he recommended that same Twitter and himself Elon musk, founder and CEO of the company, was more drastic indicating that it would be best if the load is above 30% and below 80%. Unless you have to go on long trips.

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