Windows is the most used operating system in the workplace

The subject of operating systems, whether at the level of smartphones or computers, always has material for a long debate. Although each side has its reasons and its arguments, sometimes discussions about ‘which is better’ take on more extreme proportions. Windows, macOS, Android and iOS are some examples of systems with more defenders.

Thus, in our last weekly question, we asked our readers which operating system they used most in the workplace. We will know all the results.

Which operating system do you use most in the workplace?

After last week’s question is finished, the disclosure of all results now follows.

We received a total of 4,492 and the overwhelming majority of readers, with 75% of the votes, chose the Microsoft Windows as the OS they use most in the workplace (3,389 votes).

THE macOS came in second place, with 11% of the votes (501 votes) followed by the Ubuntu with 5% (235 votes) and the Linux Mint voted by 2% of readers who participated (93 votes)

With 1% of the votes were left the operating systems Debian (67 votes), Arch Linux (52 votes), CentOS (44 votes) and Fedora (33 votes).

The list of operating systems less used in the work environment includes, in descending order, the elementaryOS (17 votes), HarmonyOS (13 votes), openSUSE (11 votes), Unix System V (5 votes), Solaris (5 votes), OpenBSD (5 votes), Mageia (4 votes), Gentoo (4 votes), ReactOS (3 votes), PCLinuxOS (3 votes), Slackware (2 votes), FreeDOS (2 votes), FreeBSD (2 votes), NetBSD (2 votes) and Mandriva Linux (no vote).

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But if you haven’t answered this question, tell us now which operating system you use most in the workplace.

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