Without paying: three sites to download Argentine National Rock

WARNING: Downloading copyright protected discs can be a crime in your country. Before downloading anything, review the legislation of your country and make sure you are not committing a crime.

One of the problems that copyright brings, is that culture can disappear, not only due to the ill will of someone who has inherited copyright, but for a purely commercial matter: if a book, a movie or a disc is not sells, it is simply not a new edition because it is understood that there is no market for that product.

The existing copies so far are lost, and then new ones cannot be produced Editions or new editions because whoever has the rights is not interested in the market that generates and in the case of works under copyright, neither can people. The result is that copyright disappears into the culture. If you want two examples from Mendozacan you think of Juan Draghi Lucero or in Armando Tejada Gmez, to a certain extent you might think that it also happens to Di Benedetto: they are not of commercial interest and cannot be edited, except with the express authorization of those who have those rights.

Not everything can be found on YouTube, nor on Spotify, and when these materials are uploaded to these types of platforms, over time they are unpublished for the same reasons that you do not find it. A kind of loop of the disappearance of culture that silently attacks what we produce.

For obvious reasons, we cannot upload records here, but there are people who were able to and who, in fact, have even organized huge amounts of Argentine national rock in sections and galleries. If you download any of these discs, I collaborated so that they do not disappear, send them to another place and send the link to whoever is managing that website, so you can communicate that link in case the file is deleted from where you could download it.

100×100 Rock discography

It is a website that has a overwhelming number of current links and where you can meet almost complete discographies of more than 32 Argentine rock bands.

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Bands are organized by name, on the left margin of the web page. It is a site easy to navigate and designed in dark mode, something that makes reading easier. It should be noted that the links provided by this website are direct links, I have not tested them all, but I clicked on thirty links to check that the discs were available and the answer is yes, they are, and besides that, neither includes advertising for you to download.

A blog dedicated to Argentine Rock

Despite being a smaller collection, this blog is very attractive because it has complete discographies and your file reaches up to May 2019, so the links are cool. It is also appreciated that links do not bombard us with malware or advertising, which makes you have a good browsing experience, although the layout of the site is not intuitive.

An old-fashioned blogger’s blog, where you can find 164 links to different record labels. In this case we are talking fundamentally about the most classic stage of Argentine rock, among which you can find not only the great references, but also other equally mythical formations although with a minor residual effect on society: The heavy, the Chocolate Bar, The Sun Flower Cofrad, the Young Guard, The cats, The Beatniks, Perdo and Pablo, Pastoral, Piel de Pueblo, Tanguito and many more.

Long live Argentine Rock

Today’s third website bears this title and I hope it achieves its mission. Here you will be able to find, sigles, demos, official records, cards and other materials ordered in 123 entries.

The flat is that some downloads are not available, but there is very interesting material, so reviewing it, even if it is to know the original art of each album – which is present in all posts – is a excellent experience.

In short, you already know how to come across an important portion of the Argentine rock catalog. As it is Friday, I leave you a meme as a reflection of the internet.

Good weekend!

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