Xbox app for iPhone can stream games from console to mobile

Microsoft released on Monday (19) an update for the Xbox app for iPhones and iPads that will allow the transmission of Xbox One games to the cell phone, allowing to use the smartphone practically as a portable console.

The remote game function is different from xCloud, which allows the game to run directly on Microsoft servers, from where the image is transmitted to basically any device connected with a screen. In this case, the game is running directly on the user’s Xbox One, and the image is transmitted over the internet to your cell phone. That is, you access your own console remotely.

As the site explains The VergeIt is possible to make use of the function on your home’s Wi-Fi network, but the feature is also compatible with 4G or 5G, allowing you to play the titles of the console even when you are on the street.

When the phone connects to the Xbox One in this mode, the console turns on without making the traditional startup sound, and works silently while the game is running, in order to prevent anyone nearby being frightened. After disconnecting, the console silently returns to sleep mode.

The application is also ready for compatibility with the Xbox Series X and Series X, which will be launched on November 10 abroad, although there is still no confirmed date of arrival on the Brazilian market at the moment.

The feature had already appeared in the Xbox app for Android, released at the end of September for users of the beta version. However, mobile users in the Google ecosystem will continue to have an advantage over iPhone users, which is the ability to access games from the cloud. Apple’s requirements for the App Store continue to make Xbox Game Pass streaming unfeasible in the form of an app, so Microsoft offers the service only as a web app, accessed through the browser, rather than a native app.

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