Xbox Cloud Gaming arrives on iOS in 2021, but there’s a catch …

Microsoft today announced that 2021 will be the year that Xbox Cloud Gaming will finally reach iOS devices, after postponing the launch in protest against App Store guidelines.

However, not everything is as linear as it seems. In order to circumvent Cupertino’s technology policies, the service that is part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be made available through the internet browser.

We remind you that Apple’s policy regarding game streaming applications has changed, but each title must be individually submitted for approval by the App Store, that is, a huge inconvenience.

Xbox Cloud Gaming kicks off in beta in spring

In an initial phase, which will start during the next spring, Cloud Gaming will be in beta, without further details on how the process will unfold.

Nevertheless, this allows Microsoft to reach a larger share of players, who now have the Series X | S, PC, Xbox One, Android and iOS platforms.

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