Xbox Series S: Cheaper version of the new Xbox will be revealed in August

Microsoft was the first to reveal its plans for the new generation of consoles to us with the presentation of the Xbox Series X. But since we started talking about them, it has always been equated that the American company was developing two devices.

According to what Eurogamer is advancing, that more economical console will even be presented. It will be called the Xbox Series S and the world will get to know it in August.

The initial plan would be to reveal the Xbox Series S at this year’s E3. However, with the cancellation of this year’s edition of the gaming fair, Microsoft had to change its plans.

Xbox Series S
Xbox S Series Concept

Xbox Series S will rival PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Since the rumors about the next generation of Xbox started, it has been advanced that Microsoft had two projects in progress: Xbox Scarlett and Lockhart.

The first has already been introduced to the world as Xbox Series X and will be Microsoft’s most powerful console. Lockhart will then be the Xbox Series S, positioning itself as the economic alternative to the high-end model.

Everything indicates that the main disadvantage of the Xbox Series S for the Series X is the absence of a physical disc player. Something similar to what happens with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

The interior of the console is another very important detail that will certainly be clarified at the August event. Will the Xbox Series S have the same specifications as your sister?

This detail, coupled with its price, will be very important so that users can decide, as best as possible, which model to choose. Sony unveiled its two new consoles, but did not specify their differences other than the absence of the disc player. Hopefully, Microsoft will be more open on this topic.

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