Xbox Series S could be the best console on the market for quality / price

After the Xbox Series X was revealed, Microsoft will have a more economical version of its plans. Apparently, this will be known as Series S and may be revealed in August.

As that date approaches, it is natural to start talking more about the console. This time, we have the indication that the new Xbox Series S will feature 20 computing units.

The computing units concern the graphics of the consoles and allow us to get an idea of ​​their performance. By comparison, the Xbox Series X will come with 52 computing units and the PlayStation 5 with 36.

Tom is often fast and loose with technical facts, but I’m with him on checking people who think that having “only” 20 CUs will hold back next-gen games. Twenty 5nm RDNA2 CUs seems perfect for a modern portable gaming hardware profile at 720p / 1080p that’s compatible with 900 games

– Matt Hargett (@syke) July 2, 2020

This information was advanced by editor Tom Warren, from The Verge, and later corroborated by a former PlayStation engineer. In addition, the latter adds that the Xbox Series S processor will be built in the 5nm lithography.

This last data takes on greater relevance due to the fact that both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are launched with 7nm processors. That is, Microsoft is willing to sacrifice the timing launch of this console to offer us something more efficient.

The price of the Xbox Series S will be its main asset

Although the new Xbox series S may lose a little in performance for its sister Series X and rival PlayStation 5, it will be in the price that it will stand out. The latest rumors point to a value of around 200 €, which would be a valiant bargain.

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For this price, you would be buying a console capable of running games at a maximum resolution of 1080p. In addition, the Xbox Series S is expected to run the same titles as the other two and will also support the technology ray tracing.

That is, for those who do not hard core gamers and that do not require your games to run at 4K, this console may be the best chance. They will have access to new market titles and new technologies, at a much more advantageous price.

The positioning of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will be extremely important for the Xbox Series S. This will be its main rival, of which we have no information yet.

All data mentioned here are not official yet, so don’t forget the usual pinch of salt. Microsoft is expected to reveal its console in the coming weeks, where we will learn about the differences for the Series X.

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