Xiaomi and MediaTek will work even more together in the future! You see

Xiaomi and MediaTek have been working together to manufacture new smartphones, however, it seems that this relationship will become even stronger in the future.

It appears that Xiaomi and MediaTek will work together to manufacture processors intended only and only for some Xiaomi smartphone models. That is, a processor thinking about the software. Something that Xiaomi has long been looking for.

MediaTek will manufacture Xiaomi processors

Xiaomi and MediaTek smartphones

It remains for us to know how this partnership will be made. Who will design the chips? Xiaomi or MediaTek? If Xiaomi designs the processor structure it will be able to take more advantage of the rest of the smartphone’s hardware and software.

However, it is believed that this processor manufacturing partnership will only be for mid-range and entry-level smartphones. Therefore, I do not imagine that Xiaomi will spend much time and money on the development of these same processors.

Xiaomi has already tried to manufacture its processors

This decision should not have come by accident. Xiaomi has already tried to manufacture its processors for mobile phones. However, for unknown reasons he was not lucky to complete the project.

Supporting MediaTek seems like an interesting move. It is one of the manufacturers that most smartphone processors manufacture in the world, it has considerably increased the quality of the chips and its components are cheaper than Qualcomm. In other words, it gives smartphone manufacturers the opportunity to charge more attractive prices for purchases.

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Much remains to be discovered in this new partnership between Xiaomi and MediaTek. However, we just have to look at it with good eyes. Let’s just hope that MediaTek does not fall into the error of the past with the problems of Android software updates on its processors.

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