Xiaomi canceled MIUI 12 on 4 of its older smartphones

Xiaomi showed that with MIUI 12 it was able to further elevate its personalized interface. This was months in development and was promised for a wide range of branded devices.

After all, and from what has now been revealed, the brand has decided to remove this new version of some of its equipment. Not many, but users are left without access to this novelty and everything it brings again.

Xiaomi MIUI 12 smartphones equipment version

The MIUI 12 improvements

When it presented MIUI 12, Xiaomi revealed that the list of equipment that was going to receive it was extended. The brand was thus able to guarantee that the new version would be general and accessible to most users of their smartphones.

Of course, it was known that his arrival would be phased, always following a defined and very restricted schedule. With each new model, this version was made available, by areas and by lots of users. Only after being tested was it extended to everyone.

Xiaomi MIUI 12 smartphones equipment version

Equipment that does not receive this version

The change came now and almost silently. Xiaomi changed the list it had for smartphones that were going to receive MIUI 12 and now left 4 smartphones out:

  • 1 – Redmi Y3,
  • 2 – Redmi 7,
  • 3 – Redmi 6A,
  • 4 – Redmi 6

According to Xiaomi, the reason for not bringing MIUI 12 to these 4 smartphones is simple and clear. The brand encountered performance and compatibility problems and the most logical option was to reverse the previous decision and leave this equipment out.

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Xiaomi MIUI 12 smartphones equipment version

Xiaomi leaves out some smartphones

This list includes devices from 2018 and 2019, in which some have not yet received Android 10. Still, it is not clear why this version was removed. Smartphones are recent and should be able to run this version, even with some restrictions.

This is yet another setback that Xiaomi brings to MIUI 12 and its smartphones. It was already known that there were functions that were going to be removed for some devices, but this new decision leaves out many users and their smartphones.


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