Xiaomi: foldable smartphone patent shows what to expect! You will be impressed

It’s no secret that Xiaomi is working on a foldable smartphone. In fact, you must be working on more than one piece of equipment. Today we have another patent that shows us what has been built recently.

The patent shows us a foldable terminal that can be opened and will be in “tablet format”. However, it is a little different from the models we already have on the market at the moment.

Here is the Xiaomi patent for your foldable smartphone

foldable smartphone from Xiaomi

We can see that the terminal has 3 chambers. When the smartphone is closed, these 3 cameras will be able to work together. However, when the terminal is open you have a front and two rear cameras.

This makes the terminal have a small cut in the corner of the device. This is so that when closing the phone, the 3 cameras are vertical and all exposed.

foldable smartphone from Xiaomi

Unfortunately the patent reveals little more to us. We cannot assume the type of screen or the details of the device. We can only see the design ideology that the terminal gives us. That is, the cut in the corner of the device.

When we will have a foldable smartphone from Xiaomi

The rumors have been many, however, the official information is few. We know that Xiaomi is about to reveal yet another high-end smartphone, however, we do not think that this phone will be foldable.

One of the biggest problems for foldable smartphones is their cost of manufacture. Xiaomi is known for giving us equipment with an excellent quality / price ratio and we do not believe that (at least for now) it is possible to fulfill this desire in a foldable device.

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foldable smartphone Xiaomi
Xiaomi foldable concept

Even so, if I had to bet I would say that the first foldable smartphone from Xiaomi could very well arrive next year. The technology has evolved and many manufacturers are starting to bet on this technology.

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