Xiaomi has a portable compressor indispensable in any car. Irresistible price

Xiaomi has already proven to be able to launch a small and highly successful portable air compressor, but without the greatest power. In collaboration with its sub-brand Roidmi, it has just launched a new model in this segment.

It’s called Roidmi Mojietu Tire Inflator, and it promises to be an indispensable accessory to inflate your car or bicycle tires at any time. And as you can see from the example video below, you can also use it to fill, for example, a basketball.

This portable compressor allows you to measure the pressure in Psi or Bar, and through its touch screen you will have access to its level. You can also select the type of tire or ball you are going to inflate.

roidmi mojietu

With regard to values, you will be able to measure between 3 and 150 Psi and 0.2 and 10.3 Bar. Its four modes are very informative: car, motorcycle, bicycle and ball, and demonstrate its versatility.

You will have access to a 2600mAh battery. In practice, Xiaomi demonstrates that it is possible with a load to fill 9 bicycle tires, 6 car tires, 7 motorcycle tires and 44 soccer balls.

roidmi mojietu

The product will be sold by Roidmi itself for a price of around 35 €. If you are interested in this, just sign up on the official page of the brand, and you will receive an email as soon as it becomes available for ordering.

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