Xiaomi is lost! Redmi and POCO need to decide

Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO is about to launch a new smartphone. If at the beginning of leaks and brand teasers we were even excited. Unfortunately, we quickly lost enthusiasm as soon as the information arrived.

This is because, as in the past, this smartphone is already present on the market. Simply with another name. The new POCO M2 Pro is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro with a different logo.

Xiaomi has lost confidence in POCO

If, at the time of launching the PocoPhone F1, the brand was one of the most talked about, the company was losing momentum with Xiaomi’s investment in the Redmi sub-brand. In other words, POCO moved to third place in the degree of importance.

The new POCO F2 Pro is basically a Redmi K30 Pro and this new POCO M2 Pro is the one called Redmi Note 9 Pro. The problem is that Xiaomi does not decide for which type of market this sub-brand is.

Redmi and POCO, a damned mess

We came to the conclusion that Xiaomi is investing heavily in two of its sub-brands. However, if at certain times we have Redmi smartphones in our market (such as Redmi Note 9 Pro instead of Poco M2 Pro), at other times we have POCO smartphones (such as F2 Pro instead of Redmi K30 Pro). However, smartphones are practically the same. Only with a different logo.

That is, we honestly don’t know what Xiaomi’s goal is. Whether to confuse your customers more, or to shoot in all directions in the hope of giving something.

Xiaomi needs to get organized

When the brand created the sub-brands “Redmi”, “POCO” and “Black Shark” we clapped because we all saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

At the time we deduced the following:

  • Xiaomi Smartphones: intended for top of the range and medium / high range
  • Redmi Smartphones: for entry-level smartphones and affordable mid-range
  • POCO Smartphones: destined to top of the range at low price with few commitments
  • Black Shark Smartphones: intended for gaming

However, we have none of that. We have a mess with Redmi smartphones of all ranges, POCO terminals also of all ranges and Xiaomi smartphones of medium range (normal average) and high range.

Worse yet, Xiaomi does not decide. We both have a Redmi terminal and we no longer have a Redmi smartphone to have the POCO version.

In short, this only makes me sad and, frankly, increasingly confused when we write new information about new phones or when it comes time to recommend someone a new smartphone.

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