Xiaomi launches the ultimate lamp for a good night’s sleep!

Through its crowdfunding platform Youpin, Xiaomi has launched a new lamp for bedside tables or for the bedroom, in general. It’s called Xiaomi Mi Zero Blue Light Bedside Night lamp and as the name implies, it’s a lamp that doesn’t emit blue light.

In recent years, there have been ways to avoid blue light emitted by everyday electronic devices, such as smartphones and televisions. However, this Xiaomi lamp avoids that light, which is harmful to the eyes, completely. It uses a combination of yellow and red LEDs to produce a soft light.

Xiaomi Mi Zero Blue Light Bedside Night Lamp

According to Xiaomi, this is the first lamp in the world that does not emit blue light. The brand also says that the light does not affect the human eye or strain the retina. In this way, this lamp can be the ideal home accessory to have on the bedside table, to help users sleep.

In addition, it can also serve as a night light. Like the existing Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp, this lamp has touch controls, located on the front of the lamp. The user can switch on, off and even adjust the color temperature or brightness.

This lamp for now is only on the Chinese market with a rounded value of 40 euros. However, considering that the other Xiaomi lamps are on sale in Portugal, this should not be long in coming.

Xiaomi Mi Zero Blue Light Bedside Night Lamp is compatible with the app

Like most Xiaomi products, the lamp can also be controlled by the Mi Home app. This application allows the user to switch the lamp on and off remotely, as well as to schedule hours for the light to turn on or off.

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