Xiaomi presents its first car? Fans were disappointed

Xiaomi has ventured into the automotive business for a long time with a vehicle produced entirely by the manufacturer. And in the last days that hope has been fed by fans of the brand.

This is because Xiaomi shared a mysterious poster on social networks where it was possible to notice the silhouette of a car in a dark setting. Theories were immediately created that this would be the first ‘Mi Car’, and that ended up disappointing some fans when the poster was finally revealed.

Xiaomi Mi Car, Suzuki Jimmy
The mysterious poster published by Xiaomi

The mysterious car is a replica of the Suzuki Jimmy, which Xiaomi will start selling

In the face of so much discussion, Xiaomi was forced to quickly unveil what this poster was about. And the vehicle in question is just a 1:16 scale replica of Sukuku Jimmy, which the manufacturer will start selling on its crowdfunding platform, Youpin.

Suzuki Jimmy
Xiaomi will sell a replica of the Suzuki Jimmy on the Youpin platform

This publication served for Xiaomi to reaffirm that its arrival in the automotive market will not happen in the near future. And when that happens, it will surely surprise everyone and everything.

It is good to remember that Xiaomi and its sub-brand Redmi have already ventured into the automotive business with the Bestune T77. This is an exclusive SUV from the Chinese market, but it is nothing more than a customized version of an existing vehicle.

So we are waiting for the first electric car formally produced by Xiaomi, which will certainly make the biggest sharks on the market, such as Tesla.

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