You can now find your Samsung smartphone even if you’re offline

More and more brands are looking to give their smartphones extra functionality, to distinguish themselves from the competition. The biggest bet is on hardware, but the investment is also in the services themselves and the extras they offer.

Samsung follows this path and has brought news to their smartphones. One of them had already been presented and now arrives globally for all users. Finally, the possibility to find Samsung equipment is accessible even when they are offline.

Samsung smartphones find offline equipment

Samsung arrived an expected novelty

Losing a smartphone is very complicated for most users. With location services these can be found, but it always depends on being connected and with access to the Internet. This latter limitation has now been circumvented by Samsung.

Using location sharing between devices, these smartphones can now be found even if they have no connection. Thus, any connection to an operator or even to a WiFi network is exempt. Everything will happen anonymously and using Bluetooth.

You can find smartphones offline

This novelty had been introduced by Samsung in August this year, but was limited. The brand decided to make this localization capability available to users in the USA, in order to test its operation and discover any problems.

Now, and from what has been possible to confirm with users, this functionality has been extended to new countries. Thus, and without any special update, a new option is present in Samsung smartphones. These can be found even if offline, via the Find my Mobile website.

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Simple to set up on equipment

As you can see in the images above, this novelty is now available in Portugal and for Samsung users to activate. Just go to Settings and then Biometric data and security. Finally, in the Find offline area it must be activated. If you want you can also encrypt this data.

This is excellent news for Samsung smartphone users. It is not a guarantee of finding your smartphones, but it is an essential help for those times when the worst can happen.


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