You can play as Luigi in ‘Super Mario Bros. 35 ‘

The battle royale “Super Mario Bros. 35” is one of the strangest games Nintendo has ever released. The title debuted recently and has been widely commented for its unconventional style for the gang of the most famous plumber on the planet. Now, with the discovery that players can choose to play as Luigi, the game has become even more popular.

The news cheered the fans of the franchise, but no one seems to reach a consensus on how to unlock Luigi in “Super Mario Bros. 35”. According to the publication on Reddit that started with this story, it is necessary to reach Star Rank, level 100 of progress in the game, to be able to choose Luigi as a character.

Responses in the publication endorsed the progress method, with some users even commenting that I need to complete all stages of the game at least once to unlock Luigi. “Hold L when you start a match and you can be Luigi! L is real on SMB35!” Explained a Twitter user.

However, some players have stated that simply pressing the L button on the Nintendo Switch controller during the formation of matches to play as Luigi instead of Mario.

This is not the first time fans of the franchise have tried to find Luigi in a Mario game where the green brother apparently is not. For many years there was a rumor that it was possible to play as Luigi in Super Mario 64. The theory was supported by a texture formed by blocks in a fountain in the courtyard of the castle that allegedly denounced “L Real 2401”.

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The conspiracy lasted for a long time until, earlier this year, hackers discovered that there was indeed Luigi in the Super Mario 64 source code, confirming that Mario’s fearful brother was actually hidden in the game for 24 years.

Super Mario Bros. 35 is available to Switch Online subscribers and can only be played until March 31, 2021.

Via: GameSpot

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