Your site’s Google Pagerank can range from 0 to 65,535

Google is still using the pagerank. (Image: mStudioVector / Shutterstock)

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Even after the toolbar pagerank ended, Google continues to use the algorithm to determine the quality of the link profile of websites. The pagerank doesn’t just go up to ten.

Around six years ago, Google announced the end of the publicly viewable pagerank, which SEO experts had suspected. The last update for the so-called toolbar pagerank was almost a year ago. In spring 2016 it was finally over. The toolbar, which displayed the page rank of websites on a scale from zero to ten – and thus their link profile quality – has largely disappeared from the Internet since then. But internally, Google continues to work with the algorithm described by Sergey Brin and Larry Page – only this is different from the toolbar pagerank.

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Pagerank more stable and resource-efficient

In the Google podcast Search Off the Record, Gary Illyes, webmaster trends analyst at the search engine company, said that pagerank is one of the most important algorithms for Google. The pagerank algorithm has been improved in recent years. It should now be more stable and use fewer resources. Interesting for SEO experts but also for observers is that the pagerank calculated by Google does not correspond to the value that was previously displayed in the toolbar, such as SEO-Suedwest reports.

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Accordingly, the scale on Google should not range from zero to ten, but according to Illyes can assume a value from zero to over 60,000. According to the Google experts, the pagerank is an integer number – the corresponding number range extends with a sign from minus 32,768 to 32,767. Without a sign it goes from zero to 65,535, as the colleagues from SEO-Suedwest calculate. According to Illyes, the page rank of all pages on the Internet is somewhere in this range.

Google: Bitcoin mining impossible

During the podcast, Illyes, who was talking to Google colleagues John Mueller and Martin Splitt, also chatted about the fact that it was not possible to mine Bitcoins in the Google infrastructure. For Google, the corresponding attempts to smuggle infected Javascript code onto websites and then earn money from Bitcoin mining were a challenge. This problem was apparently solved internally by Google, as was the case with the Search Engine Roundtable writes.

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