Youtube Go reaches impressive mark on Google Play Store

Not all smartphones are powerful, and it was with these devices in mind that Google designed the lightweight applications of its services, which are included in the Go line.

Youtube Go is one of the great symbols of the success of this line of applications. The numbers speak for themselves, as the app has reached the impressive 500 million downloads mark on the Google Pay Store.

This number certainly contributes to the fact that Youtube Go appears installed on any device that has Android Go. However, it can also be installed through secure pages such as APK Mirror. This is because the Play Store is not generally available.

Youtube Go

Youtube Go has features that “normal” Youtube doesn’t have

If you don’t know, Youtube Go has features that make it a very viable option and that you won’t find on Youtube itself. This is because it allows you to save videos to watch offline, without any subscription to the premium version.

In addition, it is also ideal for use in areas with little coverage, since it uses very little data. Before you start watching content, you can also select its resolution.

Youtube Go is thus a light and interesting option to test on a more limited or old equipment. In addition, it is also a good option to view content without spending mobile data, downloading it to your device.

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