YouTube: Google brings new functionality that content creators will love!

Google finally decided to bring its functionality SmartReply for YouTube, promising to be an extremely valuable tool for creators to communicate more easily with their followers. As with Gmail, this tool will also use an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm on YouTube, which will maximize productivity when it comes to replying messages.

However, for its implementation on YouTube, Google had to make major changes to the tool due to the different forms of communication presented on the platform. The team of developers highlighted the fact that YouTubers often resort to emojis, ASCII symbols or multiple languages ​​in the same message to respond to their followers. All of these factors make the suggestion of answers a much more complex task.

SmartReply on YouTube will bring creators closer to their followers

Sometimes, a simple answer can make all the difference when it comes to winning or leaving a follower. Although YouTubers are perfectly aware of this reality, for accounts with several thousand followers, this can quickly become a virtually impossible task.

With the implementation of the SmartReply tool, it is true that some of the “personal touch” may be lost in some of the messages. However, it will be much easier for YouTubers to be able to really respond to the vast majority of comments they receive on their videos.

In this way, it becomes more practical to interact with followers, helping to create a closer connection.

As with Gmail, content creators will start to see the small buttons with suggested responses below the comment. By clicking on the desired option, the text will be inserted directly into the answer box.

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For now, Google has confirmed that the functionality is only functional for two languages ​​- English and Spanish – and it is planned to add more languages ​​in the near future.

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