YouTube wants to attack TikTok with functionality destined for failure!

Despite the many controversies and controversies surrounding the TikTok application, it remains one of the most popular today, especially among younger users. After Facebook and Instagram tried to launch new applications to face TikTok, now it’s YouTube’s turn to try its luck.

It was YouTube itself that confirmed the testing of a new feature that will allow the recording of videos limited to 15 seconds. However, these new features are only being made available to a restricted group of users (Android and iOS).

YouTube TikTok

Unfortunately, it seems that this new approach to YouTube is bound to fail, at least with regard to a possible impact on TikTok. The feature allows you to record 15-second videos that will later be “clustered” in just one video.

YouTube skips details, but new functionality won’t be able to compete with TikTok

In the publication made by YouTube, it is stated that the new functionality aims to allow users to capture short video clips directly from their application. After some clips have been captured, users will be able to publish them as part of a larger video.

Although it is a tool that can be useful for many content creators, it is easy to see that it cannot present itself as a rival to TikTok. In case users want to publish video clips longer than 15 seconds, they will still need to use the gallery on their smartphone.

If this is really an attempt to entice users who prefer TikTok, YouTube will fail miserably. The popularity of TikTok is due to much more than simple “short videos”.

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Through its application, users have access to a vast library of AR filters and effects (augmented reality) that allow the recording of extremely creative videos. In addition, within the social network, several communities have formed over time that captivate new users and help in the constant growth of the number of active users.

Obviously, we will need to wait and see exactly what YouTube will be able to achieve with this new feature. But judging by its “concept”, it looks like it will have the same fate as YouTube Stories, which quickly fell by the wayside.

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