Avax Price Prediction | Latest Avax News | Are Whales Buying Avalanche Crypto?

We have the latest Avax news to help Avax price go higher! According to investing.com due to positive elevation in the market momentum and investors’ sentiment, Avalanche (AVAX crypto) could hit $140 by the end of 2024, again given that market momentum is positive. Bearish Avax Price Prediction is $49.95! This article is the best to the point nonsense AVAX news with AVAX price prediction, lists of AVAX meme coins, AVAX Projects, AVAX tokenomics, AVAX milestone blogs.

There has been a lot of buzz about real world tokenization (RAW), and as such Avax is coming fore front in the field of tokenized ecosystem so that these tokenized funds can be traded in super low fee in lighting speed. Since AVAX Avalanche is a layer 1 blockchain with capability of near instant transaction finality and processing up to 4,500 transactions per second (TPS), AVAZ can be widely used for RAW tokenization transactions with Average Transaction Cost of $0.13 which is very low compared to Ethereum.

AVAX is widely used in gaming, NFT due to its strong Smart Contract Compatibility. In addition to consensus mechanisms, blockchains incorporate a feature called smart contracts that play a crucial role in governing the terms and conditions of blockchain operations. Solana has broken several times, and you can read several Solana outage news, but AVAX is very strong and never and AVAX outage news yet.

AVAX utilizes smart contracts that are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). These smart contracts are developed using the Solidity programming language, ensuring seamless integration with the Ethereum blockchain.

On the other hand, Solana’s smart contracts are not directly compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. Instead, the platform’s Neon EVM smart contracts are built using programming languages such as Rust, C, or C++. However, Solana is actively working towards enhancing compatibility with Ethereum.

While Ruby may be considered a simpler programming language compared to Solidity, AVAX’s EVM smart contracts provide a straightforward solution for migrating DeFi protocols and Decentralized Application smart contracts onto the Ethereum network. This capability makes AVAX an ideal choice for building efficient and convenient smart contracts.

Avax News
Avax News

Avax Price Prediction

$140 by end of the year 2024 and $560 by year 2030. Bearing Avax Price Prediction is $49.95 by end of the year 2024 and $323 by year 2030. We are more inclined toward bull case and believe that AVAX price will shoot up very higher because of its many ongoing projects on gaming integration, DEFI transactions, dAPP, RWA – Real World Asset tokenization, NFT, AI projects, partnership projects with stripe, amazon AWS, Citibank, introduction of many meme coins and many more.

Avax Price Prediction 2025

Avax Price Prediction 2025 is $360 if bull or $192 if bear.

Avax Price Prediction 2030

Avax Price Prediction 2030 is $560 if bull or $323 if bear.

Latest Avax News to Help Avax Price Go Higher

  1. Avalanche Foundation launches NFT initiative.
  2. Wine Capital Fund Leverages Oasis Pro and Avalanche to Make Fine Wine an Investable Asset Class.
  3. Salvor Secures Avalanche Rush with a $1M Incentive Grant to Build Out Avalanche’s Prime NFT Lending Platform.
  4. Avalanche wants to digitize all of the world’s assets on the blockchain.
  5. Securities Platform DEFYCA to Release Tokenized Private Debt Protocol on Avalanche.
  6. Citibank Tests Tokenization of Private Equity Funds on Avalanche (AVAX Crypto).
  7. Building application-specific blockchains with AWS on Avalanche.
  8. TSM and Blitz are building their own crypto Subnet on Avalanche to facilitate esports transactions and tournaments.
  9. Avalanche Integrates with Stripe for Crypto On ramping.
  10. Feature.io Uses Avalanche-Powered API to Bring Web3 to Any Streaming Platform or Media File.
  11. Crypto Analyst Says Ethereum Competitor AVAX To Rip Higher, Predicts Outlook on Dogecoin and One More ETH Rival
  12. Diamond Standard Leverages Oasis Pro and Avalanche to Make Diamonds an Investable Asset Class.
  13. Clearpool Expands to Avalanche with Exclusive Launch of Credit Vaults.
  14. stc Bahrain and Avalanche forge partnership to drive Web3 progress in the Middle East.
  15. BitNote Launches Encrypted Notes on Avalanche.


Are Whales Buying Avalanche Crypto? Who is buying AVAX?

The upcoming week will see the House voting on a comprehensive bill aimed at establishing regulations for cryptocurrencies. However, the bill’s prospects in the Senate are uncertain, despite the confidence expressed by its supporters. Crypto Whales Buy 52 million Avalanche (AVAX) tokens.

The future prospects for Avalanche are looking more and more optimistic, all thanks to the growing interest from crypto whales. These investors, who hold anywhere between $1 million to $10 million worth of AVAX, have recently made a significant impact. In just a span of three days since the beginning of April, these whales have collectively invested nearly 52 million AVAX, which is valued at over $2.1 billion.

The fact that these investors are putting such a substantial amount of money into Avalanche suggests that they have a strong belief in the asset’s ability to increase in value.


AVAX Avalanche Crypto Tokenomics

Circulating supply 382,645,220 AVAX (53.46%)

Total supply 441,334,860 AVAX

Max. supply 715,748,719 AVAX

Fully diluted market cap $26,477,066,980 as of 05/18/2024


AVAX vs Solana Staking Comparision

AVAX provides greater staking incentives compared to Solana. The yearly average reward for staking AVAX on the Avalanche network is approximately 8.55%. Conversely, Solana offers an average annual reward of 5.5% for traders who stake SOL. Hence, AVAX emerges as the preferred choice when considering staking options.


AVAX Milestone

The Avalanche stablecoin has reached its highest levels in months, according to an analysis of the stablecoin market cap metric on DefiLlama. The recent data indicates that the network has achieved a level that hasn’t been seen in months. As of now, the stablecoin market cap stands at approximately $1.15 billion.

Lists of Meme Coins launched on Avalanche (AVAX) Network?

$COQ — @CoqInuAvax
$Tech — @TECHimproving
$GEC — @GeckoInuAvax
$KIMBO — @KimboAvax
$NOCHILL — @nochillavax
$MEAT — @TheMeatToken
$HUSKY — @AvaxHusky
$BINGO — @BingoDogCoin
$LUCKY — @LuckyCoinAvax
$Magin — @MajinAvax


Where can I get Avalanche meme coins?

Setting up Avalanche meme coins is a simple process. You can create a Core wallet using either your Gmail or Apple ID. The Core wallet is the native wallet of the Avalanche ecosystem. Afterwards, you can connect to TraderJoe on your desktop or use the in-app browser on Core mobile to exchange $AVAX for any of the tokens mentioned above.

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