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What is Dropshipping. How to start Dropshipping business.

You don’t have place and money to store products? You have not enough capital to purchase inventory?
No worries, Dropship is here for your rescue. Key is to find right product from right dropshippers and present those products to right people who become buyer.

So dropshipping is selling products from your online store, after customer makes purchase from your store, system will auto order that product from dropshipper so dropshipper will ship the product to customer with your company, online store as seller. So make commission every time you do this.

And for this transaction to happen smoothly you will definitely need trust able affordable high quality hosting. Your choice of hosting makes BIG difference in the performance of your online store. Even google will not place you in top search results if your website is slow.

We have tried and tested several hosting companies. One which really stood out in terms of affordability, speed, quality, technical advancemans, customer services is SayOHO.com – an affiliate of IPAGE – 30 day FREE Trial they absolutely give your money back if you don’t want to use their hosting, within 30 days.
Two more best fastest reliable web hosting companies we found online for bloggers, advertisers, affiloate marketers, dropshippers or even any huge businesses are


Why Dropshipping is the best model to make easy money.

Blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshiping are few famous online business models that many use. Everyone knows blogging, if you are good at writing, then blogging is for you. With good blogs you can get awesome traffic to your website and of course then you can promote various products into your blogs from which you can get profit, commissions. But again maintaining higher traffic means you absolutely need to have fast quality hosting company.

How to start dropshipping?

1. First Select a hosting company.
2. Choose best dropshippers – Wholesale2b


DHGate - best dropshippers



AliExpress, Alibaba - best dropshippers

3. Register and get approved as reseller to start dropshippng.
4. Show products on your fast beautiful websites and sell them.
5. Start making money easy. Really easy because once you setup, the whole process can be automated if you use WordPress platform and correct plugins.


is another option where you can host your website and also sell products, do ecommerce very easily with drag drop features.

Marketing tools required to increase dropship sales.

Now that you have selected hosting company, website platform, dropshipping company, its time to generate traffic to your website so that you can monetize your site. Organic search is way to generate genuine traffic to your site, but that requires great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work and takes time. So while you work on SEO, you can always use Facebook targeted ads, Google adwords ad, Bing Ads to quickly generate traffic and sales.
Another way to make money is showing Google generated ads on your site using their program called Google ad-sense which is free.






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