Why Enterprise 2.0 is Good News For Business


Enterprise 2.0 is set to be the biggest thing on the horizon where workforce collaboration is concerned and there is definitely something in Enterprise 2 that gives it a distinct USP compared to existing enterprise systems.   Collaboration and communication have always been the whole point of enterprise systems, but the difference with Enterprise 2.0 is that according to the models, it’s ‘agile, emergent and integrated.’ Personally I prefer ‘simple, familiar and economical’ to sum up the overriding benefits of this new way of working.

Enterprise 2.0 social technologies breathe enormous benefits into business processes, whether they are internal or external. Everything from knowledge sharing and ideas development within a company to marketing; customer relationship management; brand development and communication with business associates, referrers and partners outside a company is about to be transformed using processes that are quick, easy and economical and eliminate the need for expensive systems management specialists or consultants to install or manage the process. The need for training also becomes a thing of the past, because these processes are now being conducted courtesy of the very thing that you pay for, ‘software.’

It’s easy to see why a concept as revolutionary as Enterprise 2.0 can only benefit one type of business at a time. Businesses that depend on the regular, scheduled deliveries of goods, financial transactions and product samples outside a warehouse in a controlled environment will not reap the benefits of a software suite that can be up and running in a matter of days. Volume takes a mean time for a vendor to package and ship units to their customers, this is something that takes time and costs money and that too at the expense of another business.

Enterprise 2.0 offers the ability for businesses to establish a mutually satisfying relationship with vendors, suppliers and other business partners. The system allows businesses to communicate swiftly, professionally and efficiently. Time between the vendor and business owner is reduced, because the order is processed immediately. The vendor is able to provide real time information about the status of the order, and the software you buy will tell you when the goods have been received, and who has been provided with the product, and the customer is then able to review the details of the order. This Meanwhile, the sales person can easily access information about the customer through the system, but can also provide assistance to solve problems. These changes to the business relationship are reflected instantly, and the customer is better satisfied.

Businesses that undertake projects will come to greatly benefit from Enterprise 2.0. They will be able to communicate freely without requiring their collaboration team to travel to the site in order to brief the project manager and the customer. Work is seamlessly completed; the manager is able to easily access information from the sales system, and there is no longer the requirement for the sales team to Travel. Customer satisfaction increases as the system allows the sales people to perform their duties remotely. The requirements of the project are visible and communicate can schedule tasks immediately. Enterprise 2.0 is specifically designed to improve performance so that companies can grow quickly.

No matter what type of business you are in, you will find a range of Enterprise 2.0 products that are suited to your needs. For example, Document 2.0 is designed to work directly with mobile devices so that you can take regular and preventive action immediately. Scheduling and work distribution is the ease it is for all businesses, it is now.

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