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What is Affiliate Marketing.

How to start affiliate marketing business?

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What is Affiliate Marketing and its Pros and Cons?

If you don’t have time to manage inventory for business, Affiliate Marketing is for you because being Affiliate Partner of good companies, they will let you sell, feature their products and give you good commission. So if you get sell NFL clothes, Amazon unique products, and many more great companies, you will be making money while you are sleeping. This is also a home business or work from home on your time business but of course with very good income.

Besides physical products, you can do affiliate marketing of services like hotels, air tickets, insurance, credit cards and many more. People make 7 digits and more just doing Affiliate Marketing. It may be difficult to begin but one setup; it can be your side business with tremendous income opportunity.

Again, for this transaction to happen smoothly you will definitely need trustable economical hight quality fastest hosting. Your choice of hosting makes BIG difference in the performance of your online store and customer engagement. Even Google will not place you in top search results if your website is slow.

We did try several hosting companies. – an affiliate of IPAGE – 30 day FREE Trial is a genuine web hosting, web site design, SEO, marketing company that can be very resourceful to your business. They have good customer services. They will give your money back if you don’t want to use their hosting, within 30 days.

Best fastest reliable web hosting companies

We found online for bloggers, advertisers, affiliate marketers, dropshippers or even any huge businesses are



Is Affiliate Marketing easy way to make money actively or passively?
Blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshiping are few famous online business models that many use and doing very good. Everyone knows blogging, if you are good at writing, then blogging is for you. With good blogs you can get awesome traffic to your website and of course then you can promote various products into your blogs from which you can get profit, commissions. But again maintaining higher traffic means you absolutely need to have fast quality hosting company.

What are different ways to start Affiliate Marketing?

1. Start out by Selecting a hosting company.
2. Select best dropshippers – Wholesale2b

DHGate – best dropshippers

DHGate - best dropshippers


AliExpress – best dropshippers

AliExpress, Alibaba - best dropshippers

3. Register and get approved as Affiliate Partner. Some famous Affiliate Marketing sites are Linkshare, CJ Affiliate etc.
4. Show your partner’s service, products on your fastest beautiful websites and sell them.
5. Start making money easy. Really easy because once you setup, you just stay and watch people clicking on your website to buy services.


is another option where you can host your website and also sell affiliate products.

How to generate traffic to my Affiliate Marketing website?
This is a broad topic and can not beexplained in one or two paragraphs. Marheting anf traffic generating requires lots of time and hardwork. Just showing contents on your website is NOT enough at all. Now that you have selected hosting company, website platform, Affiliate Marketing company, its time to generate traffic to your website so that you can monetize your site. Organic search is the best sure shot way to generate genuine traffic to your sites, but that requires great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work which is time consuming. So while you work on SEO, you can always use Facebook targeted ads, Google adwords ad, Bing Ads to quickly generate traffic and sales. Another way to make money is showing Google generated ads on your site using their program called Google adsense which is free. Facebook ads, Bing Ads, Google Adwords require investment, payment on your front because you are advertising your website on such big platforms, but these are very effective marketing and advertising tools available. For SEO, you need great contents with great key words [words that customers use during search on google, bing, yahoo etc]. Write atleast 700 words content about your product or service which is original and genuine. Make sure you add each of these pages in robot.txt file and submit the site map xml file to Google, Bing etc so that they will start crawling your pages and slowing your website will start ranking higher for key words you are targeting.

Once youe SEO starts working and see traffic, you can minimize paid advertisements on Facebook ads, Bing Ads, Google Adwords. So SEO is first way to go if you want long term business from your website.