Top 13 ways to rank higher is google search

How to increase google ranking | Best web hosting.

Top 13 ways to rank higher is google search

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After sometime, if you follow below steps, you will start ranking higher, so age matters but follow short to the point most effective ways to rank you website higher on Google search, Bing search.

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1. Content is king

Write unique blogs with key words you are targeting, at-least 900 words at-least every 2 weeks. This gives google adsense of genuineness. Below is an example of a small blog with genuine information about what is and how to affiliate marketing –
Also notice keywords used in the blog. This surely helps to

increase google ranking


2. Add links pointing to your web pages.

While writing blogs it is always good idea to link back to your related pages which gives more visibilities to your linked pages

3. Increase Social presence.

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn are todays highly used social sites. Posting your contents on these social sites regularly will definitely increase authority of your website.
Simple Facebook example
Youtube Example
Sayoho Facebook

4. Renew domain names for 3 years or more.

Never let expire your domain name. Obviously it takes time to rank for new domains. You work hard to increase authoritative of your site then your domain expires! Really not good scenario if you were thinking to rank higher in any search engines. Always renew domain names for longer period if you want to be in for long run. This sounds like dum, but really helps to increase google ranking in long run as domain age matters for consistency.

5. Page title, Meta tags, Meta descriptions.

Make sure every page you want your customers to be found have proper title, meta descriptions reflecting correct keywords you are targeting. Search engines use these data to find relevancy of your web site. These words tell Google and Bing what your site is about. This is one very important habit to follow when you create web pages.

6. Image Alt text.

Seems like small thing, but do write ALT text in every images containing keywords. This will help SEO tremendously and increase google ranking much higher than your competitors.

7. Backlinking.

Try to insert, add you website URL with relevant content in different highly authoritative web sites like quora digest, reditt, Wikipedia and many more. This will increase your google ranking very quickly.

8. Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

You need to write mobile friendly responsive websites. If your website is only for desktops, google will penalise you hence your ranking will not increase.

9. Speed of websites, web hosting.

Speed very much matters if you want to rank higher on any search results.
Acceptable speeds for web hosting would be 114 ms on average, for web sites 8ms on average.
Web hosting speed compare
Cheapest web hosting price compare

10. Dont keep changing titles, meta descriptions.

Changing web page title, meta descriptions means google will have to re rank you site with keywords which obvously will take time. Some also mentioned changing themes (if WordPress platform) decreases search rankings drastically!

11. Sitemaps.

Show your whole website sitemap which makes search engines easier to know about your site and helps to increase google ranking in long run as search engines now have full sense of your overall web site CONTENTS.
Sitemap example

12. Page urls or domain names.

url or domain names matching keywords you are targeting helps ranking higher quickly

13. Broken Links and redirect.

Fix broken links, verify all href point to valid pages and if page not found show valid 404 redirect page

Use tools like Semrush to see what competitors are doing to increase their SEO ranking and backlinks.





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