How to create successful websites

How to create successful websites.

Know rules to create a best successful website to start making profit for dropshipping, affiliate marketing.


1. Easy navigation

No one likes a sloppy website, right? When it’s difficult to navigate between articles and millions of subcategories with not-so-relevant posts? That’s why, in order to have a successful website, you need to have an easy-to-use one. Many website owners usually don’t pay too much attention to making their website clear and easy to navigate. That causes user frustration and quick leave of your site.
That’s why you need a website that has great structure, yet remains simple to use. You need to categorize everything according to relevancy to the topic.
Tip: topics should be short and clear.
Then under each category you can add relevant posts. For example, a topic could be web hosting ant topics under it include cloud hosting, VPS, shared hosting etc., or if you’re more of a tutorial person, then have a category called WordPress and all tutorials on WordPress should be stored under it.
The key point is having a logical structure that’s easy to follow, so people could find the necessary info easily.


2. Clear message

A successful website should have a purpose and that purpose has to be clear for your readers in the homepage and in any article. That why it is important to have a clear message that speaks to your readers as well as search engines, yes search engines. Search engine optimization is very important as it is the key in ranking successfully in search results, that’s why you need to use relevant keywords and the right phrases. Think about the content you’re going to distribute on your website and the products you’ll be offering. Many websites fail in communicating the message in their home page and that causes the loss of potential clients and readers. Your home page is your the page that makes the first impression, so you have to make a good one. And when you have a great first impression + easy-to-navigate system your website will catch your reader’s attention and to get them completely hooked on your website, you need to a have a lot of great content.


3. Lots of great content

Last, but most important factor in having a successful website – lots of great content. What is great content you may ask, well, the answer is simple, great content is the one that is relevant to your website and your readers and, most importantly, provides them the information about how your offered products can help in resolving the troubles that they have or fulfills their needs. Nonetheless, that content still must be presented in a simple manner so that any reader could understand it easily and could make use of it.
Not only your writing has to be simple, it also must be error-free, otherwise it will not appear trustworthy. Another important thing is making it clear what the content of your website is not only to your readers, but also the search engines such as Google. To make it clear for the search engines you must properly choose keywords, headings, meta tags and have relevant content to it. This is called SEO – search engine optimization. These are the key factors in starting a successful website and promoting your business. If you put effort in building your website and use SEO, you’ll get your desired traffic and will grow your business in no time.


Write, write, write…

Writing tutorials and how-to guides on Sayoho’s products and services will surely help your visitors trust you more! Generating a few good tutorials and blog posts will increase your credibility. Possible topics to write about:

● How to create an e-commerce website with Sayoho?
● How to create a blog with Sayoho?
● Hostinger’s easy drag & drop website builder will make web development effortless even for the first-timers.


Use your banners wisely

A good placement of a banner can be all it takes for a visitor to click. Place them on your homepage or mostly visited pages, close to website hosting/development related content. It’s best to put your banners above the fold, where visitors can see them without having to scroll down.


Don’t forget Social Media

If you have a big social media following, be sure to use it. Share all that you know about Hostinger across all your social media platforms, direct your followers to your website where they can find out more. Tell your followers how Hostinger’s products and services will improve their daily life.
Know what you sell
Understanding the product or service can be crucial in Affiliate Marketing. Finding innovative ways to talk about Hostinger’s features, will help you generate more unique visitors. Try out our services yourself, we offer 30-day risk-free trial!


Things to Avoid

1. Don’t spam. Don’t spam on social media. Don’t send spam in newsletters. Spam will downgrade your credibility.
2. Don’t do self-referrals. Sayoho recognizes them quickly.
3. No bidding on Sayoho keywords or misspellings of it is allowed.
4. Don’t advertise in websites with pornographic, lewd, illegal and offensive content.
5. Avoid anything that could cause a potential revenue loss for Hostinger.
6. No referring scammers.



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