This metal conducts electricity but not heat defies the laws of physics

American researchers have identified a metal that conducts electricity without conducting heat. An incredibly useful property that challenges our current understanding of how conductive materials work. The surprising properties of vanadium dioxide Featured in the journal Science, the metal in question contradicts the Wiedemann-Franz law, which states that good conductors of electricity are proportionately good … Read more

These revolutionary batteries could run for 1000’s of years with out recharging

– Roman Zaiets / California start-up NDB lately unveiled an extraordinarily promising battery idea. In response to the corporate, this sort of revolutionary cell could function for tens of 1000’s of years on a single cost. His secret? Nuclear waste. A revolutionary course of Performing like true small nuclear mills and having a density … Read more

Cosmic rays challenge the future of quantum computing

As quantum computing continues to advance, new work by scientists on the Massachusetts Institute of Expertise (MIT) broadly questions the viability of this extremely promising know-how. Explanations. A significant impediment on the highway to quantum computing If the likelihood that the cosmic radiation consistently hitting the Earth may intervene with quantum computers and disrupting their … Read more

These ultra-thin inkjet printed solar cells do not use rare metals

– © 2020 KAUST / Anastasia Serin Saudi Arabia-based researchers lately developed promising natural ultrafine photo voltaic cells. Extra environment friendly than their counterparts, these are additionally comprised of extra widespread components and might be inkjet printed straight onto surfaces. “We have now formulated useful inks for every of the layers of the structure of … Read more

Here’s why there’s no such thing as a speed limit in the superfluid world

Illustration of unique particles highlighted by researchers – © Lancaster College Physicists at Lancaster College within the UK lately discovered why the velocity of objects shifting in superfluid helium-3 is unrestricted. Explanations. Some unusual particles Possessing one neutron much less, thehelium 3 is a uncommon isotope of helium which has the particularity of turning into … Read more

A brand new exotic particle has just been identified at CERN: the tetraquark

– D-VISIONS / The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) recently announced the discovery of a new physical particle called a ‘tetraquark’, which could help scientists better understand how protons and neutrons are formed. Many mysterious elementary particles Described in a document viewable on the pre-publication server ArXiv, the discovery of this tetraquark created … Read more

Mysterious particles released by Antarctica challenge our understanding of physics

Detected for the first time in 2006, these strange particles defying the laws of physics fascinate scientists, who aim to discover their exact nature and origin in the years to come. Very strange signals Three times since 2006, the system ANITA (Transient Pulse Antenna of Antarctica), a floating balloon with a particle sensor, recorded a … Read more

Astrophysicists witness the curvature of space-time caused by a cosmic dance

Here is the Lense-Thirring effect as part of a binary system composed of a white dwarf and a pulsar. © Mark Myers / OzGrav ARC Center of Excellence via Youtube An international team of astrophysicists was able to confirm the Lense-Thirring effect, which describes a phenomenon of space-time training around very dense objects in very … Read more

These researchers predict a state of matter capable of conducting 100% electricity and energy

Using computer simulations, researchers at the University of Chicago determined that it was theoretically possible to make a material that could conduct both electricity and energy without losses. An important discovery Published in the journal Physical Review B, this research suggests a structure for an entirely new type of matter, which could have very useful … Read more

Discovery of a fossil fuel that can be transformed into pure diamond

– Arsgera / By using lasers to heat materials to extremely high temperatures, scientists at Stanford University have found a new way to produce synthetic diamonds from molecules found in crude oil and natural gas. Explanations. “We wanted to create a system in which a single substance turns into pure diamond, without catalyst” The … Read more

Researchers have created a quantum sensor covering the entire radio frequency spectrum

– Titima Ongkantong / Developed by US Army researchers, this quantum device could allow soldiers to detect communication signals across the entire radio frequency spectrum, ranging from 0 to 100 GHz. “These new sensors have a very small size making them practically undetectable” In 2018, scientists from theUS Army were the first in the … Read more

Containment results in dramatic reduction in seismic noise

Many scientists are currently seeing a decrease in seismic noise, due to the reduction in human activities since the implementation of restrictive measures to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus. They said it could allow sensors to spot small earthquakes and improve monitoring of volcanic activity. “Noise reduction of this magnitude is usually … Read more