VPS hosting

VPS hosting

is a portion of a dedicated server machine. It acts like a dedicated server, but is actually a self-contained hard disk/folder on a powerful physical host system that also hosts other virtual servers for other clients. Although you share space on the physical host, your virtual server is independent of the others.

In that sense a virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine with its own operating system, which is shared portion, disk of a bigger dedicated powerful machine, can be sold as service by hosting companies.

VPS customer will have full access to root OS for any daily operations. VPS is cheaper than cloud hosting or dedicated enterprise hosting because VPS is a shared partition between several owners. But VPS is still very fast and powerful than basic shared hosting plans like these discussed under our cheapest web hosting plans.

VPS hosting – Best plan for Virtual Private Server hosting. VPS with highest security, high availability, easily scalable with several choices of resources.

1. Cost

VPS Hosting is cheaper than cloud hosting or dedicated hosting. But expensive than basic web hosting services and reason being basic web hosting plans have very minimal limited resources on top of the fact that they are also shared servers. Click here for basic cheap web hosting companies. But don’t get fooled by price, many starts with basic plan which costs $1 to $7 per month. But if you have eCommerce or something bigger as feels your business is growing, VPS is better alternatives to cloud and dedicated hosting. Different companies provide different plans similar to VPS and are called business plan. Here are 2 best business hosting plans.
Now if have really big projects with very daily high volume transactions and tons of traffic then they may want to think of dedicated/enterprise hosting also called cloud hosting. Amazon Web Service (AWS) , Google cloud, Microsoft Azure are examples of cloud hosting.

2. Performance

Remember that a VPS hosting is potentially a single point of failure because if the physical host server fails, all VPSes on that machine fail though some hosting companies provide fail over to different servers. VPS hosting assures a fixed level of performance because a guaranteed level of system resources is already dedicated to your virtual server according to the plan you purchase. However, high demand by your server or another virtual server on the same physical host may impact performance if you both need the extra resources at the same time. Just think this as an Internet connection in your local area where if there a big house or many be company sucking in all internet data connection or someone using using Netflix, playing online game, watching youtube, making skype call or viber call using internet, doing internet meeting call at work from etc from one single house, the internet connection might become super slow in that house.

3. Security

The security of VSP hosting is almost same as dedicated hosting server. Actually the centralized location of the physical host offers added security.

4. Scalibility

Just as mentioned in performance section, VPS hosting has a limit to scaling depending on the physical host machine. If you need more powerful fast server as your business grew bigger, then you will have to get newer plan according to the resources you need to maintain traffic and transaction of your current business or switch to dedicated cloud hosting sometimes also called enterprise hosting.

5. Customization

Customization of VPS hosting is same as dedicated servers since you will have full root access with full control over OS. One can customize and configure as desired, as if he/she had a separate server.