Increase conversions through joint SEO and SEA

In the new t3n Guide, the Cologne-based online marketing agency morefire presents its self-developed SEM strategy, with which you can combine all the advantages of SEO and SEA and holistically ensure greater visibility in the search engines.

The well-known formula “SEO + SEA = SEM” deserves an update. Anyone familiar with the disciplines of SEO and SEA knows that more than a mere addition of both measures is necessary to get the best out of them. Want to buy a little bit of visibility quickly without stealing organic traffic? You can do it, but you should do it carefully and carefully. Or save budgets where a high organic positioning has already been achieved? Makes sense, but can also backfire.

Long-term success on the SERPs

In the new t3n Guide, the experts from the Cologne agency morefire present their self-developed approach of integrating SEO and SEA and pass on their experience and expertise in this way. Which search and user intentions generally have to be considered? What strategies of linking are there? How can optimization be tested sustainably and understandably for everyone? And how do you create the basis for this, both procedurally and structurally?

A content page of the new t3n guide with the Cologne-based online marketing agency morefire, which deals with the integration of SEO and SEA

On 71 pages on a holistic SEM strategy. (Image: t3n)

Together, Désirée-Sina Kellner, Head of Paid Media, Isis Neuerbourg, Senior Account Director, and Rhea Moore, Senior Consultant SEO, guide you step by step through the creation, ongoing optimization and evaluation of an SEO-SEA matrix for companies, the self-employed or Agencies help with the optimal positioning in the field of SEM.

What exactly can you expect from the guide?

  • Basic introduction to holistic SEM
  • Understand and use user and search intentions
  • Introduction and comparison of the different hybrid strategies
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating, filling and using an SEO-SEA matrix
  • Execute, implement and evaluate test plans
  • Excursus: team structures and collaboration
  • Many helpful practical tips and checklists

Now ensure your company has sustainable, efficient visibility. Individually for 99 euros (gross) or available as part of a pro membership.

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