Sennheiser Headphones Not Connecting To PC | How To Connect Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones To PC?

It is best to use wireless headphones when wanting to enjoy music without worrying about cable and leaving the place. If your Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones are not sounding correctly, try these tips: Make sure both devices (headphone and device) have been paired together; check that you can hear audio coming from the headphone itself; make sure they haven’t run out of battery power. Lets read on to troubleshoot if Sennheiser Headphones Not Connecting To PC.

As a result of the advancements in Bluetooth technology, wireless headphones have become very popular. This is because they provide convenience by eliminating cables and being able to enjoy music without worrying about where you are sitting. Lets read what to do if Sennheiser Headphones Not Connecting To PC.

However, there may be times when your Bluetooth headphones do not seem to work properly or won’t turn on at all.

One solution may be as simple as resetting them: Hold down the power button for 10 seconds and then press it again after releasing it . If that doesn’t work either take out one battery from both devices (not forgetting which was put into what) wait 2 minutes and pair with each other again before putting back together.

Wireless headphones like Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones are best for those who want to enjoy music without having to be concerned about the cable and leaving their place. How do I connect my Sennheiser wireless headphones with her PC? What should she do if both devices are paired but there is no sound coming from the head phones. Continue below for what to do if Sennheiser Headphones Not Connecting To PC.

Let’s go over how to find a good pairing between your devices and some tricks you can use when the sound isn’t coming from your headphones, even though they are connected, if Sennheiser Headphones Not Connecting To PC.


Connecting Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones to a PC is not that difficult, and within minutes you will know how to do it. There are some easy steps involved in order for you not to be left with any confusions or doubts.

Connecting your Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones to a PC is a simple process, and with these steps, you will learn how in no time. The following steps thoroughly guide you through the entire process and leave any confusion behind:
Step 1 – Make sure that both devices are turned on and wireless.
Step 2- Turn on the head phones by pressing 〖POWER button for 3 seconds until it goes off again. You should be able to see “BT” at this point.
Step 3- Press “SNOOZE” button simultaneously or enter pairing mode (press “1” followed by “#”).

  1. Take Bluetooth and find its magic button, which is on the left ear cup.
  2. Press the button.
  3. Now a white light will blink. It means that our Bluetooth headphones are turned on.
  4. Keep the button pressed for almost 4-5 seconds until white light blinks in red and blue color alternatively. Because it’s the gesture that headphones is in pairing mode.
  5. Now open the setting of your pc.
  6. Move to device setting, and here Bluetooth icon will appear.
  7. Turn on the Bluetooth.
  8. Now click on add Bluetooth device.
  9. A list of devices will pop up on your screen.
  10. From those devices, find out your headphones.
  11. Click on them, and they will start connecting within few seconds; both devices will be connected.
  12. Play something on your pc and check if the voice is coming from headphones or not.

Above 12 steps are the complete process, and we hope you now know how to connect Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones to a PC fast and easy.


So, you know how to connect Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones to pc from above step by step tutorials, but if you still have no idea what to do if both devices are paired and still sounds not coming from headphones, that will be annoying.

Following are the exact reasons why no sound is coming from Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones when connected to PC , and step by step solutions to each problem those can occur.


In most cases, the volume of your headphones should be in sync with your computer. We have reduced it to a level where you cannot hear anything at all, so there shouldn’t be an issue. Follow these steps for checking that the volume on your headphones is set properly:
1) Check and make sure you are using stereo earbuds; if not acquire them now!

2) Plug one side into either speaker port on the laptop/phone or audio device and put it into play mode (either by pushing down an appropriate button on top of headphone cord). You will need to hold this side up so that only sound can come out-no other noise in environment. Once you’ve done this check both sides as they may have different volumes levels.

3) In the lower-left corner of the PC, there will be an icon of volume. Click on it.


4) Now from the list of devices, choose your headphones.

5) Now a slider will appear.

6) Adjust the volume level by moving the slider.

Also try this another method for increasing the volume, by searching a key on the keyboard on which volume sign is seen. Press it until the volume rises, and you can hear clearly, most of the time its Keys F10 or F11 or F12 or F7


When you never increase the volume beyond a safe limit, your devices will warn you and ask for permission if you still want to do so. When we hear sounds that are louder than safe limits, our inner ear parts can be damaged due to heat accumulation or pus accumulation. Our hearing may also temporarily get lost or permanently decreased in some cases . Below is another way to troubleshoot if Sennheiser Headphones Not Connecting To PC.


Drivers are an instruction set used by the computer to transfer data between them and different devices. The drivers need updating in certain cases because outdated versions do not work most times. So these are the steps that will guide you on how to check whether or not a driver is updated, and what you should do if it’s outdated:

  1. Right-click on the window icon.
  2. Now move to device manager.
  3. In the new window opens, click on sound, video, and game controller.
  4. Click twice on it your Bluetooth headphones.
  5. Now open the tab of driver.
  6. If there is no new version, it means that your driver is updated. And there is another issue due to which our headphones are not working.
  7. However, if there is a new version, then press on the update.
  8. Now the driver will update, and your device will restart automatically.

Drivers are essential to transfer data between the computer and other devices. They must be updated because outdated drivers will not work in most cases. Here’s how you check if your driver is up-to-date, as well as steps on what to do when it isn’t:
1) Open Device Manager by typing “device manager” into the Windows search bar
2) Select View > Show Hidden Devices
3) Expand either Universal Serial Bus controllers or Other Devices until you find a device that has an exclamation point next to it with a yellow triangle (this indicates there’s something wrong). Double click this device and select Driver Details from the menu that pops out of its list box; then see if there are any updates available for installation.

After above steps, check your headsets again; if they are still not functioning properly, you are not hearing any sound from Sennheiser Bluetooth headphone, please try the troubleshooting steps and guides mentioned below.


Built-in troubleshooter of pc is very helpful indeed as it lists any problem of our device and gives many possible solutions we can implement. Here is the guide for using PC Troubleshoot steps.

  1. In the search bar of a window, type audio.
  2. Now click on the option of fix and find the problem with playing sound.
  3. A dialogue box will appear; now click on the option of next.
  4. Now all the devices, once paired with your pc, will appear.
  5. Find your headphones.
  6. Click on next.
  7. Now the troubleshooter will run and check your pc if there is a problem
  8. If there will be an issue with the Bluetooth of your pc, it will recommend a solution and will make you choose between a fix or skip.
  9. Now check your Bluetooth Sennheiser headphones.

Almost 99.9% of the times, sound issue is solved when we run a PC troubleshooter, so we need to give it a try! There is reason why PC manufacturers have installed these PC troubleshooters.


The Windows Device Manager is responsible for controlling all the hardware you have installed on your computer and all the hardware devices you’ve attached to it. For checking headphones, especially visit Sound, Video & Game Controllers in this windows device manager.

The device manager of Windows is responsible for controlling all the hardware you have installed on your computer and all the devices you have attached to it. For checking headphones, visit Sound & Video Controllers in Settings under Devices.

  1. Right-click on the window start button.
  2. Now go to the device manager.
  3. Select sound, video, and game controller.
  4. Now select high-definition audio devices and double click on them.
  5. If your PC is working correctly, then it will show disable a device on the advice tab. This means there is another technical fault in our headset.
  6. However, if an enabled device appears, it means that they were turned off, so turn on them.
  7. After turning on them, now check your Bluetooth headphones.

If you feel you have thoroughly performed above steps but still seeing Sennheiser Headphones Not Connecting To PC, there must be another fault in your headphones. Before seeking the expert help, check your headphones with another device.


Video on How To Connect Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones To PC?


Above 12 steps are the complete solutions you have to follow for pairing your Bluetooth headsets with a PC. Somehow, if both devices are paired but the sound is still not coming, then try all the remaining above solutions to fix Sennheiser Headphones Not Connecting To PC.


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