Why Enterprise 2.0 is Good News For Business

Why Enterprise 2.0 is Good News For Business

  Enterprise 2.0 is set to be the biggest thing on the horizon where workforce collaboration is concerned and there is definitely something in Enterprise 2 that gives it a distinct USP compared to existing enterprise systems.   Collaboration and communication have always been the whole point of enterprise systems, but the difference with Enterprise … Read more

Tips and Tricks to Convert Your Resume to PDF Document

Tips and Tricks to Convert Your Resume to PDF Document

  Nowadays companies seek for a quality of professionalism in the candidates while recruiting. Your presentation style reflects your personality to a great extent. Resume should be professionally designed and submitted. Your presentation device should include beautiful graphs and charts, text rich presentations, attach relevant files with your resume, should be submitted through:\’ secure ‘ … Read more

A Few Points How to Avoid Business Projects Failing Online

How to Avoid Business Projects Failing Online

  There are many profitable online project structuring techniques from which you can actually profit a lot online, however in some cases there have been a lot of businessmen who failed to make this happen. This is because they are just taking the process in the proper direction without utilizing certain important elements and in … Read more

IDS – What Do They Mean And How Can They Help You?

IDS for internet

Gaming and internet When it comes to the potential threats that the Internet poses to children, its easy to get swept up in fear and misinformation. With this misinformation, confidently stroll into the casino filled with anxiety and ear-shattering anxiety. You’ve probably visited or participate in online gaming forums where the members discuss topics like … Read more

A Chinese company develops a system to charge cell phones with a hot water bottle

A Chinese manufacturer of space rockets developed a type of insulated water bottle equipped with a thermoelectric chip that converts heat from water into electricity to charge devices. Researchers from the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology aim to harness space thermoelectric technology to benefit everyday life. Thermoelectric devices are made of materials that can … Read more

What is Parler, the social network to which the followers of Donald Trump go: “Twitter without rules”

The social network Parler became the supporters haven of Donald Trump: After the outgoing president of the United States was banned from the social network founded by Jack Dorsey, supporters of the Republican migrated to Parler. This social network, which is presented as “Twitter without rules” and as an “unbiased” social network, as it is … Read more

Twitter permanently suspended Donald Trump’s account due to the risk that he “incites violence”

The social network Twitter announced this Friday the permanent account suspension of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, after concluding that there was risk of “inciting violence”. “Due to the existing tensions in the United States (…) these tweets have to be read in the context of larger events and the way in … Read more