Free games in June – Sony is giving away two first-person shooters

With Sony’s Playstation Plus online gaming subscription, players get new free games every month. The service attracts with a special highlight in June. For whom is the offer worthwhile?

What is Playstation Plus?

Playstation Plus is an online gaming subscription for PS4 owners. Among other things, customers get access to free titles for their console. Sony announces new top games every month, which are then available for download. Subscribers also benefit from exclusive discounts or game previews in the Playstation Store. The package also includes the option to play the games in online and multiplayer mode.


What does Playstation Plus cost?

There are three subscription models: Customers pay EUR 59.99 for an annual subscription. The monthly costs are 5 euros. If you only want to use the service for a short time, you have to pay more. With a 3-month term, a total of € 24.99 is due (€ 8.33 / month). A single month costs a few cents more, namely 8.99 euros.

There is currently one on Amazon 12-month PS Plus membership in special offer. Instead of 60 euros, the Playstation Plus Card only costs 41.99 euros.

Which games do Playstation Plus subscribers get for free?

Every month Sony announces new titles that paying subscription customers can download free of charge. Well-known blockbusters are always there. For June 2020, for example, a highlight was revealed prematurely: “Call of Duty: WWII” has been available to PS Plus customers free of charge since May 26. Usually the game for the console costs about 70 euros.

In the meantime, a second free title for June has also been announced. It is the first person shooter “Star Wars: Battlefront 2”. The game should be available for download from June 2nd. The regular price is 25 euros.

Is the Playstation Plus offer worth it?

Anyone who has always been curious about one of the announced free titles can save money with a short-term PS Plus subscription. However, the desired game must then be played through in a short time. Because as soon as the subscription expires, the player also loses access to the game.

This differentiates the Sony offering, for example, from the free deals in the Epic Games Store, where well-known PC games are always available for download. Recently there was, for example, a promotion with the blockbuster “GTA V”. More about this here.

An annual subscription is especially worthwhile for frequent gamers who get bored quickly and are looking for variety. Even if you want to play games online against other players, you cannot avoid Playstation Plus, otherwise you can only play against computer opponents.


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