Six board games for tablet and PC

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Board games are still one of the most popular hobbies for Germans. But for a few exciting rounds of “Settlers of Catan” it doesn’t necessarily have to be the big round at the living room table.

Because many games are also available in software form, for online games via tablet, smartphone or PC. The selection is huge and ranges from simple classics to highly complex expert games.

Some of the digital implementations have been particularly successful compared to the competition – and benefit from the advantages of getting along without a large game board, card chaos and dice search. In some cases, these digital board games are even more fun than the role models on the living room table.

Classic from Catan

“Catan Classic” is only one of the numerous digital implementations of the board game classic “The Settlers of Catan”, but is regarded by connoisseurs as one of the most successful variants.

In essence, the popular game principle has remained the same in the digital version: the players compete on a fictional continent by occupying railing fields and mining the resources there round by round. They then invest these resources in the construction of infrastructure and settlements, all of which pay into the player’s points account. Whoever can score the most points until the end of the game wins.

– Worth playing because: “Settlers from Catan” is a classic that has been inspiring for decades with its understandable, accessible rules and clear motivation.

Tactical path simulation

One of the modern darlings of the board game scene is “Ticket to Ride”, which, especially as a digital implementation, was able to convince many players.

The principle of the game, to lay the longest and most profitable train route possible, particularly benefits from the advantages of the digital version of highlighting cities in color. In general, the overview is clearer and easier than with the classic board game variant.

– Worth playing because: Tactical ability is rewarded with “Ticket to Ride”, while luck also plays a role – but only a subordinate one. The game never feels unfair.

Played pandemic

“Pandemic” unites players in the fight against four deadly diseases that spread throughout the world. Only with combined strength and a lot of tactical skill can the players succeed in saving humanity. That may seem tasteless to some in times of the corona pandemic – others may find here the necessary valve for a good handling of the exceptional situation.

The digital implementation of “Pandemic” scores in comparison to the board game not only with a better overview of what is happening, but also presents some nice animations that accompany the game. Small catch: The digital version can only be played alone against the computer. The teamwork feeling of the original is lost. However, it is not forbidden to sit down in front of the screen with your friends and tact against the AI ​​with your brains.

– Worth playing because: Even in the solo version, “Pandemic” is an always differently exciting puzzle and a simple, entertaining game.

World war with combat ‘Mechs

In “Scythe” the story as we know it takes a slightly different course. In Eastern Europe in the 1920s, players fight for strategically important points with the help of soldiers and combat robots. Clever tactics are much more in demand than luck.

Board game experts praise the detailed replication of the board game miniatures in the digital implementation of “Scythe”. In addition, there is a sensible, accessible control scheme with mouse and keyboard.

– Worth playing because: The fight for alternative Eastern Europe in “Scythe” is exciting and also challenges genre experts. The loving and clear presentation makes this implementation a really good game.

Fight for the red planet

“Terraforming Mars” sends the players to Mars. Here they compete to make the actually hostile planet habitable for humanity. What is fun on the board also appeals to the digital implementation, which presents what is happening nicely and clearly.

The only downside: the computer-controlled opponents, who can join the competition on request, are not demanding enough for experienced players in the long run.

– Worth playing because: The comparatively refreshingly unused location of “Terraforming Mars” fits well with the game principle, which demands tactical skill and a large portion of brains from the players.

Journey through the ages

In “Through the Ages” the players themselves influence the course of world history. As leaders of their own, self-chosen civilization, they try to seize world domination in different epochs.

The digital board game implementation of “Through the Ages” convinces above all with a clear and helpful tutorial that introduces well into the intricacies of the game. There is also a sensible revision of the user interface, which is as inviting as it is clearly structured.

– Worth playing because: The fight for world domination has rarely been as demanding and accessible as in “Through the Ages”. Beginners as well as experts can invest a lot of time and tinkering in trying to outdo the other players and take the win.


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